View Full Version : 1600 High Elves - 1st list

28-12-2013, 14:47
This is my 1st WHFB army list, as of yet I haven't actually played a proper battle but I've been reading up on all the HE army lists on here and tacticas on the web and have come up with this list. I don't think it will be very competitive but I'll be playing mostly to learn for the foreseeable future! Also, my army book is not to hand but I can pretty much remember it!

Loremaster with book of hoeth and talisman of preservation

BSB with dragon armour, golden crown, elven steed with barding, star lance, shield

2 x 8 silver helms with FC

20 x white lions, FC, BotWD

Frostheart Phoenix

Bolt thrower

That should be pretty much 1600, what do you think? I got some GW vouchers so I was going to get the white lions today.