View Full Version : Steamtank - miscast table result #5

30-12-2013, 00:10
It says it gains D3 steam dice. Are these dice in addition to the number of dice it tried to generate? Or instead of the dice it tried to generate?

If I state I am generating 5 steam points, then I miscast, get the #5 result and roll to get 2 steam points, do I have a total of 2 steam points or 7 (5 claimed + 2 gained via miscast)?

30-12-2013, 00:13
#5 says you LOSE steam points. However, all rolls on that table happen AFTER you have generated steam points, so you'd have the 5 added on to your total.

30-12-2013, 03:44
You're right, I was looking at #7 "Dangerous Overpressure". So you could actually get the 5 generated + another 2 or 3 from the effects of the result.

Lord Dan
30-12-2013, 05:48
Sure, but remember that you can only ever pump 3 steam points into a given area.