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Lord Squidar
30-12-2013, 09:01
So all my armies barring my daemons have fluff, and i've decided that needs to change since fluff is important to me, especially with some upcoming big games. I play pure daemons with chaos cultist allies, there is not a single marine in my army. Thankfully the release of Belakor's rules allow me to bring cultist allies with a DP leading them, although I realise I could have had this before belakor, doh! Well I need an excuse to use that nice model and I like his background.

So this is my idea so far:

Belakor, through his various schemes and machinations, ends up owing a great unclean one (my warlord) a big dept, and he avoids it for as long as possible. Eventually the GUO threatens to come find him and break and twist Belakor as payment, basically he would be a horrible captive of Nurgle in the warp for a long period. Belakor is a weasle and doesn't like this fate but also doesn't want to fully repay the debt because its not becoming of the firstborn.

Belakor offers GUO a shrine world as payment, one that will sing his name in praise for eternity. The GUO thinks this is a mighty gift for his Grandfather and agrees. Belakor, at great physical pain and effort, finds a shrine world (named Alpha for now) and infests a single printing press in the depths of one of the hives. That press is used to print leaflets for the pilgrims visiting the planet who otherwise cannot afford or are not allowed to see the holy documents on the shrine world. In possessing the machine, he influences the printer to change the words on the leaflet in the most subtle of ways, creating two sets of them very similar in apearance but fundementally opposed in doctrine. Belakor then leaves the press and starts to use his shadow powers from the warp to disrupt communication to Alpha.

Fast forward 100 years and you have a full scale religious civil war between the two factions (Sigilites and Mnemnites, for biblical sounding names?). The outside would does not or cannot interfere and this conflict threatens to overwhelm the planet since it has infested every single sector of society including the original keepers of the shrine, who cannot even remember the original teachings of this world. When all seems lost, Belakor appears to the factions as a kind of grey pilgrim ala Gandalf with the answer to their problems, a third way. Being a cunning ancient warp entity, Belakor has worded all 3 documents so well that the 3rd one is completely complimented and completed by the others, but radically changes the shrine worlds beliefs to something non Imperial creed. The war torn and weary planet universally accepts the new doctrine and unknowingly turns to a subtle form of chaos worship. Resistance, however little, is brutally purged.

Meanwhile, Belakor has stopped interfering with communications and the Imperium suddenly discovers a large shrine world wholly taken by Chaos, and decides to respond with characteristic heavyhandedness. Several imperial guard regiments and the adeptas sororitas make their way to Alpha. The grey pilgrim is long gone and the people of Alpha are met with contempt as they try to negotiate with their impending doom. When all hope is lost in the final weeks before the invasion, they turn to the doctrines and find the true name of God in their (the great unclean one's name) and start to worship it directly, fully embracing chaos (and not yet realising their folly). The GUO is well impressed with belakor for paying up and infests the planet at the head of a great daemonic host, that helps the cultists of Alpha defend against their attack and win the war. All hope at this point is lost.

Belakor however has the last laugh. Written into the doctrines he cleverly designed are rituals that the cultists have been unwittingly performing by following it. These rituals have slowly been pulling Alpha partially into the warp and binding it to Belakor. In the end, with the daemonic invasion the rituals are complete and although the cultists sing the name of the GUO, its Belakor who truely owns them. He plans to use this as a bargaining chip with other greater warp entities, for the planet is now a stable daemon world right on the edge of real space and very useful for chaos invasions. Belakor suspects that the GUO will not be too happy when he finds out of this new betrayal and he plans to be far away or thick with allies before that happens.

Any comments or assistance would be awesome. Currently missing the name of the GUO (using the FW model for him), the planet, the doctrines and the two opposing religious factors.