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01-01-2014, 01:50
I am interested in how this is ruled. If it has been asked or is obvious I apologize in advance.

If a stone thrower targets a mounted character lets say a elf prince on a dragon and the template hits how do you determine damage? roll separately for the prince and the dragon or one roll and each take that damage assuming the hole did not hit the model. and is this the way a cannon is resolved in this same situation?
Next question is how a doom divers damage is resolved in the same situation. It hits the prince on a dragon with its "template." Rolls a 6 for the amount of hits and now are those wounds "dispersed as shooting" or do you give the dragon and the prince the wounds based on the effectiveness of the wound rolls?

The rule book talks about shooting ridden monsters and templates but I'm a little confused thanks for the help

01-01-2014, 15:58
Ridden monsters hit with a template are both hit, rolling wounds/armour/saves for each. A hit is counted as any template hiring the monster base. This is why cannons eat ridden monsters. Stone throwers are a bit different, as the center circle can only hit one model and you randomize as per shooting. That means 1-4 monster; 5-6 character takes the high stress, multi wound hit and the other takes a lowstr, single wound hit.

Something that does untargeted damage like a magic missile, or impact hits randomize each hit. BS shooting like a bolt thrower randomize their target for each hit.

Characters ridding anything else are treated as one model and should be quite straight forward.

01-01-2014, 18:32
Thank you for the clarification. I understand now.