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01-01-2014, 04:52
Hi everyone.
A friend and I are going all out together and making 4000 point armies for the sheer awesome of it. Here's my first attempt at a serious VC list. I'd love to know what everyone thinks. I'm open to changes, of course. I'm considering removing the unit of 12 Black Knights in favour of some Blood Knights or perhaps to free up points to capitalise on Crypt Horrors and Mortis Engines.
Let me know :)

Kind regards
- A.Gentleman

Vampire Counts 4000 Points

Henirich Kemmler 350pts

Vampire Lord 420pts
Heavy Armour, Ogre Blade, Talisman of Preservation, Enchanted Shield, Barded Nightmare, Quickblood, Red Fury

Necromancer 125pts
Level 2, Dispel Scroll

Necromancer 135pts
Level 2, the Cursed Book

Necromancer 135pts
Level 2, Power Scroll

49 Skeletons 275pts
Full Command
49 Skeletons 275pts
Full Command
48 Skeletons 270pts
Full Command

10 Direwolves 80pts
10 Direwolves 80pts
5 Direwolves 40pts
5 Direwolves 40pts

11 Black Knights 318pts
Full Command, barding, lances

12 Black Knights 377pts
Full Command, barding, lances War Banner

5 Hexwraiths 150pts

6 Crypt Horrors 238pts
Crypt Haunter

Terrorgheist 225pts

Terrorgheist 225pts

Mortis Engine 240pts
Blasphemous Tome
3998 points