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01-01-2014, 13:09
hey all, i am trying to get a war hammer fantasy army that i can play competitively, my last tournament i played my empire gun line, i did fairly well considering it was my first proper tournament, and i now know what i like and do not like and what i want from my army,
here is basic what i want,
War machines, and lots of them, i just love cannons and stone throwers
Magic, I love a good strong magic phase mainly to do damage but also to heavily buff my own units
Shooting, I love Shooting, but I am not overly fussed if everything can shoot
Infantry, well ive gone from playing Empire to playing vampire counts, so i would like some infantry that can actualy hold there own in combat without the constant need of attention from my characters, being able to raise dead units/additional units would be a must, if thats not possible then just millions of them.

i am currently leaning towards Warriors of chaos or maybe orcs and goblins, but i have not decidec yet,

if possible in your comments could you put what army you think would go with what i am looking for, and also what units are a must and why

thank you for your time and look forward to reading your comments

Yersinia Pestis
01-01-2014, 17:07
If you love cannons and toys, go Skaven.... They've got the warp lightnenig cannon and plague catapult but also weapons teams.... Such as rattling guns, poisoned wind mortars, warpfire throwers and some more...
Also, they can hold their own in a battle, ok, the stats aren't those of let's say Warriors of Chaos but they come in units of 50 (at least that's what i do, lol) so they're mostly steadfast....
About magic, they don't lend themsselves to buffing as other amies out there but they can be really nasty....

01-01-2014, 18:43
my friend has just started to collect skaven, so it would be rather weird constantly fighting my fellow rat kind, what other armies and builds would be viable?

Yersinia Pestis
01-01-2014, 19:09
Well, my other army (my main army even) is warriors of chaos....
When it comes to shooting, don't even mention it, lol....
About magic, a daemon prince getting of a choir bomb can be devastating to most armies but otherwise they have acces to some of the best lores (i'm thinking shadows....)
Their infantry, there's not much about beating their (core) chaos warriors....
They've got good chaff in warhounds.... your oppo has to deal with em as they're otherwise going for warmachines etc (at least stopping him from firing, they don't have to win the combat but they have done so, lol)
Also, something you almost HAVE TO BUY are skullcrushers.... I've got 6 of em, command and three normal ones and on the battlefield they're like a fast moving blender at strength 5.......( they churn out 28 attacks :D )
Also, they've got a good chariot as core and an even better chariot as special....
Also, the chimera is a really good monster.

The only thing i've found them vulnerable to are gunlines consisting of high strength thingys.... Cannons etc...
You want 'em in CC as soon as possible because that's what they're good at!

01-01-2014, 19:43
To me it sounds like Warriors are the army for me, but I might wait until the dwarfs come out.and check out there book as I also love my gun lines, you say Woc have no.shooting, is the hellcannon bad? And where would a Warriors usualy rank in tournaments like what teir? And whats in an average nasty Warriors army?

Yersinia Pestis
02-01-2014, 02:00
The hellcannon isn't that bad but takes up a lot of points (210), the cool thing about the cannon is that it forces a panic test at -1 Ld whenever a casualty is taken....
Must have for a chaos warriors army are, in my opinion, a daemon prince, skullcrushers, warriors themselves, warhounds and those chariots (even their "core" chariot is pretty good in my humble opinion)
And where do they tie??? I'dd say top 3!