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01-01-2014, 20:07
Looking at expanding my small VC's army out from 1000 points up to 2400, list below, I'm still a newbie so I'm hoping a few folk who are more experienced will be able to help out! Happy New Year all!!

Points cost:

LORDS, up to 25% allowable:
Master Necromancer, General, level 4 caster, Book of Arkhan, Black Periapt. 280 points. LORE OF THE VAMPIRES
Total: 280 points

HEROES, up to 25% allowable:
Vampire, level 1 caster, Aura of Dark Majesty, Fear Incarnate, Enchanted Shield, Dawn Stone and Heavy Armour. 184 points. (JOINS THE SKELETONS). LORE OF DEATH
Necromancer, level 2 caster, Dispel Scroll. 125 points. LORE OF THE VAMPIRES
Cairn Wraith. 60 points.
Total: 369 points

CORE UNITS, minimum 25% required:
Skeletons, unit of 20 with command group and a Screaming Banner. 155 points.
Zombies, unit of 40 with command group. 130 points.
Crypt Ghouls, unit of 20 with Ghast. 200 points.
Dire Wolves, unit of 5. 40 points.
Dire Wolves, unit of 5. 40 points.
Total: 565 points

SPECIAL UNITS, up to 50% allowable:
Grave Guard, unit of 40 with command group and Banner of the Barrows. 530 points.
Spirit Host, unit of one. 45 points.
Spirit Host, unit of one. 45 points.
Corpse Cart, Balefire upgrade. 115 points.
Total: 735 points

RARE UNITS, up to 25% allowable:
Varghulf. 175 points.
Blood Knights, unit of 5, with command group. 285 points.

Total: 460 points


ARMY TOTAL: 2409 <----- Needs a little trim!

I Am Forsaken
03-01-2014, 06:15
I would consider shadow for the vampire; miasma, withering or enfeebling would be a huge help to your skeletons in combat. Also you need more skeletons as 20 isnt enough to do much of anything and you need 600 points of core at 2400.

I would drop the Blood Knights for a second vargulf and use the leftover points to buff up your skeletons (to meet minimum core) and then either buff up the ghouls with a few extra bodies or add in a couple of fell bats or a wraith hero.

03-01-2014, 06:45
Are book of arkan and black pariphat both arcane? Black pariphat is very good though. And yes you need at least 35 skellies.

03-01-2014, 16:23
Noted on the Core points, I originally started to flesh it out to 2000 points and obviously didn't factor the increase in when I decided 2400 was what I was going to need.

Yes, both items are Arcane, my bad, so I'll look at shifting the items around a bit - in an ideal world I'd like to keep both if I could.

I didn't consider Shadow Lore for the Fear Bomb Vampire, so I'll give that a try as well, once the Army if finished I'll swap the Hero Necro between Vampire and Death Lores, see how they perform, though Ideally I'd like to keep two casters with Vampire Lore so I'm waffling pointlessly here! :wtf:

Whats your reasoning on dropping the Bloodknights for a second Varghulf? I could drop them to four and use the points to increase my core to minimum 25% and I like what they bring to the army.

Cheers for the input so far all, it is much appreciated - I'm pretty new to all of this.

I Am Forsaken
06-01-2014, 08:10
Reason to drop the knights for the 2nd Varg is mainly to free up the points for your extra core that you need but if you like them go for it and free up the points elswhere, that was just the easiest change I could see at the time and 2 vargs do work really well together.