View Full Version : Tyranid Harpy: Conversion disappointment =(

04-01-2014, 11:15
So today the new Tyranid models are available for preorders and I was really looking forward to these, especially the Crone/Harpy, as I really like the look of the carapace and body.
I saw a lot of conversion potential (carnifex from a harpy upper body, haruspex lower body and Carnifex head anybody? I would have totally bought all three models just for that) but after seeing the pics on the GW homepage I realised that the harpy doesn't have the usual arm sockets but slot-in holes for the wings and small notches for the arms (which don't seem to fit the usual arms).
I was rather disappointed. I could deal with greenstuffing the bottom part where the flight-stand would go as it's not a very visible part of the model but it's a different thing with the arms.

I just don't think this was a smart solution and think it's a real pity...

04-01-2014, 13:49
First things first, you are on about kit bashing, not conversion. Two separate entities.

The ball and socket approach the a lot of the Tyranid models just may not work for the wings on this guy. Honestly, a little carving of the nub to fit in the different holes is not a problem. So it can't be perfectly kit-bashed, big deal. You should already have clippers or a hobby knife to get the bits off the sprue, and that's all you need to make these pieces fit properly.

GW has had a lot of worse opportunities to make things more convenient from the get go, but failed at that too. As far as their track record goes, this is not bad at all. But on this subject, I do agree with you, that if GW put more effort into the interchangeability of all it's kits (within a style of product, all marine bits should be fully compatible with all other marine bits, etc), the world would be a better place. Not only wouldthe basic modelling be dumbed down to the point where one doesn't need and special skills (a plus for GW), but GW would also get the opportunity to produce rules for purely kit bashed units for their armies (ie. you've got a hive tyrant leftovers (1/2 the box actually, now that is much more worth lamenting about, than perfect interchangeability of limbs) and a Carnifex, if you use this part and this part, you can build 'new unit X'). I think that would be a good thing for GW.

in the end, if you want to fit pieces together that don't go together, you have to work on your hobby skills. Just be happy it's the present, and you're not worrying about cutting and shaping metal bits, so that they fit together and need green stuffing.