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04-01-2014, 22:44
So lately I've gotten access to the Horus Heresy rules, and I fell in love with the legion rules. Ever since I saw Angron released I knew I wanted to do something pre-heresy. I've always been a fan of the Night Lords color scheme and how Konrad Curze was kinda like Batman but darker. As well, Curze's rules are pretty awesome, and so are the other Night Lords rules, so I decided on them. As well, I've been doing a few other models for a few friends of mine that I'm going to be playing the Dropsite Campaign with, so you'll see a few other Heresy-era things like Primarchs and other heroes.
Just in advance, I dont have a lot of money for Forgeworld models all around, so so far I've had to make due with what I could come up with, but I'm pretty happy with it so far.
First off, my first Night Lords model I made and painted, Jago Sevatarion
his Master Crafted Nostraman Chainglaive
his iron halo, custom made from the crest of the plastic Terminator Lord helmet and the grip of a bolter
Trophies of Judgement
knife and shoulder pad, the plate and sheathed knife on the shoulder pad are from a Space Wolf Belt Buckle
a closer look at his helmet, which is a beaky helmet with the tip shaved off and vents carved in the sides to look like a mk IV helmet
Before anyone goes off and says that his helmet is supposed to have a skull and his hands are supposed to be red, I was not able to get any skulls to look good on a helmet and I liked the look of the mk IV one better, and as well, I didnt like the look of the red hands, it would have made him look like an Crimson Fist. Overall though, I'm very happy with how he turned out, one of my favorite models I've done so far.
Comments and Critique welcome!
I'll be posting more photos soon!

04-01-2014, 22:55
next up on my Night Lords is Flaymaster Mawdrym Llansahai, also known as Bloody Bones
Narthecium and skin bag of other tools (courtesy of the Kroot)
Backpack with over-shoulder lamp
shoulder pad and his surgical knife, the Red Jaqa
I wanted Bloody Bones to be covered in all kinds of gruesome trophies, so the Kroot where my first choice as they are covered in all kinds of flayed skins and bones and rudimentary knives. and the shoulder pad, which was from the plastic Raptors set, is going to be painted to be a flayed orc face, not a daemonic growth. Thoughts?

07-01-2014, 04:00
So here we are at our next post, the Big Boys themselves, PRIMARCHS!

For the campaign I mentioned earlier, I've had the grand opportunity to make several primarchs, and was able to teach myself how to make a correctly scaled Primarch out of Terminators! So far I've made Ferrus Manus (finished), Vulkan (finished), Konrad Curze (nearly done, just need some Night Lords bits), and Corax (also nearly done, jsut need a base and lightning claws) Since I'm all about Night Lords, we'll start with the Night Haunter himself!
this is the best front view I have, which isnt done yet. I'm going to shave off the thing on the chest and replace it with the night lords symbol across his chest
Mercy, one of Konrad's infamous lightning claws. Forgiveness, his other claw is on his left arm, is waiting to be put on until I get his chest done, as it will be in front of his chest
his cape, which I made by hacking up part of a popcorn box (cereal boxes work too, you just cut out the shape you want, bend it to the shape you want, then cover it in super glue) I mad the rope sections on the helmet and left skull by twisting 3 strands of thin wire together
Shoulder pad, a regular Grey Knight pad with added chains and skull, and the dangling book was replaced with a spike for added effect. The other will have a large Night Lords symbol on it
And a look at his knees, which are just Grey Knight legs with Warp Talon toes added to them for the spikey effect (and also a look at the bottom of the popcorn box cape haha)
The base, which features a hacked apart space marine, a pole with decapitated heads, skulls, and lots of rubble. He'll be jumping off the center rock, so he'll take up a bunch of space and be all the more intimidating
and heres a quick reference for the pose, at least how his arms will be
When it came to Konrad Curze, i hav always imagined him as a big, scary guy, like people crap their pants when they see this guy, even if he doesnt want to kill you, and of all the models I've seen done of him, I have never once gotten that "OH NO!" feeling from any of them, so I wanted to really depict his scariness, his agility, and his total brutality in his armor and the pose, which I think I've captured pretty well. As well, the Night Lords are kinda known to wear lots of chains and whatnot, so I wanted to have lots of those on him, and wrapping them around the thighs helped bulk them up a bit as well. I am hoping to have him totally done soon, and I'll post more pics of him then. Cant wait to have him lead my army into battle!
I'll post my other primarchs as well soon! Please comment, I'd love to know what you guys think!

25-08-2014, 15:50
awesome work, I love the conversion work. If you don't mind me asking, how did you do the chain glaive for Jago Sevatarion?

Captain Brown
25-08-2014, 17:38

Very nice work. Sadly someone has given you a rating of 1/5 :( I will add a rating of 5/5 to raise you to 3/5. No idea why someone wants to anonymously hammer a PLOG before it gets a chance to get off the ground.

I hope you continue to post your models.