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05-01-2014, 15:17
Do you think that with the superstitious Imperium granting new Space Marine chapters they have a list of banned colours? Obviously the names are out of the window, and some of the colours can't be ruled out entirely (the red of Thousand Sons, for instance) but I wouldn't be surprised if the white and blue shoulders like the World Eaters would cause some concern. Is this just me or something you could seriously see?

I ask because I love the sea green colour of the Sons of Horus but don't want to impinge on any background material.

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05-01-2014, 18:40
I doubt they'd be concerned unless it was an exact copy or there were similarities in iconography. The green of the Sons of Horus on its own would most likely be perfectly fine, a single colour is just a colour even in 40k and keep in mind that the Traitor Legions have more or less passed into myth and their original colours wouldn't be widespread knowledge at all.

05-01-2014, 19:13
You should be fine. If the Black Consuls can wear the same colors as The Black Legion itself then no one should care that someones wearing the same Legion's previous colors. Except maybe the Black Legion ;)

05-01-2014, 19:38
Okay cool, thanks for your responses. I'm just a little worried with the popularity of HH people will see my marines and think they're sons of Horus, but that's a risk I'll have to take I suppose.

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Grand Master Azrael
06-01-2014, 09:05
Nobody in the Imperium (except for the Emperor, Bjorn and the Primarchs) is old enough to even remember the original colours. The texts describing the Traitor Legions were burned, I'm pretty sure. You should be sure

06-01-2014, 16:13
I seem to recall a chapter called the Hawk Lords who looked an awful lot like the Emperor's Children. You should be fine. :)

06-01-2014, 20:41
All Legions started off with the same gray color as Space Wolves (the Legion that never changed their colors). We know the Deathguard were the first to earn the right to change their colors during the Unification War on Terra, when they earn their first Legion name "Dusk Raiders". We also know that at some point before leaving Terra, the 1st Legion changed their colors to all black. The Lunar Wolves were the last to change their colors, when they changed from gray to light green and became known as the Sons of Horus. So, between the original founding and the end of the Grand Crusade, 17 to 19 of the Legions earned their colors with only one retaining their original gray color.

During the Heresy, we see Word Bearers and World Eaters change their colors to blood red, and the Thousand Sons turn blue, yet all the rest seem to retain their colors. Post-Heresy, we see the Sons of Horus turn black, the 1st Legion turn green, and the Second Founding splitting the loyalist Legions into a rainbow of Chapter colors. With a thousand Chapters to call upon, the seem to be a number of loyal Chapters using traitor colors without issue, such as the Hawk Lords wears Emperors Children colors, or the Blood Ravens wearing Thousand Sons colors. How many Chapters are "World Eater" white rather than "White Scars" white?


06-01-2014, 21:20
Heraldic colours are just heraldic colours; as pointed above the Imperium does not seem to care, just like there are no rules prohibiting two Chapters from using the same colour (even before Heresy, Iron Hands, Raven Guard and Emperors First were using the same colour). As shown by post-heresy Dark Angels, Minotaurs and Raptors, Chapters can change their colours and make custom schemes for companies at will, without any external regulators.