View Full Version : Whats IN the DOS book ?

06-01-2014, 19:41
After watching the film for a second time I can't help but think alot of the core action scenes require a lot of very specific terrain. So what ARE the scenarios ?

The Marshel
09-01-2014, 11:11
the scenarios are more heavily focused on re-enacting the scenes in mirkwood, such as the spiders and the river scenes. There is also scenarios for the battle of dimril gate from AUJ. The book uses linked scenarios to allow more detailed recreations of the scenes which effectively takes what would have been 3 scenarios and makes then 6 or 7

I can just picture the writers watching the climatic action scenes and thinking "well s&^$, how are we gonna turn this into a playable wargame" The end of the movie was far too much for sbg to handle imo, so i wouldn't be expecting a dwarves vs smaug scenario any time soon. That said, I'd love some of those forges as plastic kits!