View Full Version : What can we expect for Horus Heresy Dark Angels?

Grand Master Azrael
07-01-2014, 07:48
My favourite army in any game is the Dark Angels. However, as their book is a while away (I've heard rumours that they will be in the same book as the Blood Angels covering Signus) , I'd like to know what you think they will have.

I'm guessing a unit of knights of some descrption. Blades of Caliban may be legion specific upgrades instead of power fists.

WarBoss PuG
07-01-2014, 08:50
Yep there in the signus book (book 5). Not much to go on so far, they'll get the usual legion stuff. Plus there special units which will be based around the knightly orders, may see a Cypher SC, Luther. Some sort of terminator 'knights of the round table' affair for the Lions body guards. Units only guesses but there defiantly out in book 5, so about a year from now if 3 is coming at Easter. 4 at GD14 5 will be early 2015 as FW want to get 2books out a year.

07-01-2014, 11:21
Luther hasn't done much in the books, so my guess would be Corswain. Or maybe even that librarian from the dedicated DA books. And hasn't every legion received special terminators?

07-01-2014, 13:22
Luther hasn't done much in the books, so my guess would be Corswain. Or maybe even that librarian from the dedicated DA books. And hasn't every legion received special terminators?

I don't think World Eaters did. All they got was the Rampager squad which is in PA.

07-01-2014, 13:32
I don't think World Eaters did. All they got was the Rampager squad which is in PA.

They got a terminator squad called the Red Butchers in Massacre so they have one now too. Night Lords and Word Bearers don't have one yet though.

Fire Raptor
07-01-2014, 13:54
Sons of Horus; Justaerin
World Eaters; Red Butchers
Emperor's Children; Phoenix Terminators
Death Guard; Deathshroud Terminators AND Grave Wardens
Iron Hands; Gorgon Terminators
Night Lords;
Salamanders; Firedrakes
Word Bearers;

Only units which have not recieved special Terminators so far are the Night Lords and Word Bearers. The Word Bearers IIRC do not have a particular "elite Terminator" unit - the Gal Vorbak being their equivalent in rank IIRC from the novels, while the Atramentar is a special rule of "Sevatar" allowing white listed squads (currently, only Terminator Squads and Terminator Command Squads) to not scatter if Deep Striking within 6". If there is going to be a new Terminator unit for the Night Lords, then there'd need to be specific verbiage to allow them to benefit from his rule. I personally think it unlikely. There is little to go off from the books to suggest that the Atramentar were little more than the Legion Elite, which is essentially what Terminators were anyway. I could well be wrong, however. Comparing the likes of them to the Deathshroud, Justaerin, or Phoenix Terminators may well be a little off. However, I'd love to be proven wrong, and possibly see a unit equipped with Chain-glaives. The only problem is that Terminators do not especially suit the Night Lords current ruleset all that effectively. The Deep Strike means that they do not benefit from Night Fighting or From the Shadows. On the flip side, they can make a Terminator "alpha strike"; thanks to scoring and the Night Lords (so far) unique access to Deep Striking Terminators (without needing a Rite of War), while "Talent for Murder" means that they are capable of dealing pretty outrageous amounts of damage. However without access to Spears, they will suffer.

Oddly, the Night Lords would probably make some pretty viable Dark Angels "Counts as for the meanwhile". Alternatively, an Orbital Assault or Pride of the Emperor based Legion list would work well for the Deathwing. While there is no Rite of War benefitting Bikers yet either, taking several squads of these would make sense for Ravenwing (were they even around during the Heresy?). DA have always seem to have a Plasma Focus, so Predator Executioners (aside from being pretty nasty in their own right) would do well here.

If I was to hazard a guess at what the Dark Angels would have, it would be Move Through Cover (for Forests), along with possibly Stubborn. I'm not sure where the Plasma focus tends to come from, but perhaps a Legion trait that allows an additional save against "Gets hot" (perhaps FNP versus wounds suffered from a Gets Hot) would mean that they could focus on it. The problem is with 30K you're typically playing Marine versus Marine, which leads to 2 things; low-AP or high rate of fire. With access to Special Weapon Support Squads, there is more than enough Plasma access available, so it would be how to encourage the use of those squads.

Cypher is obviously going to be some variant of the Moritat. I don't think it'll be a Destroyer-based Centurion, or even a special character, but a new Consul, perhaps 0-1 which has similar rules to a Moritat.

Lion El'Johnson could probably do with some more interesting names; The Lion equipped with the Lion Helm and the Lion Sword. Naming has never been GW's forte (Ferrus Manus, anyone?). I'd hazard a guess, that he'd be a standard Primarch Stat-line, WS8 (like Fulgrim, Horus and Curze; I predict Sanguinius to be WS9) with a S+2 AP2 Weapon. As for his special rules, I have no idea. There is very little that has focused on the DA style of warfare for the most part (its been a long while since I've read the HH books regarding them), and the latter ones have been Character driven with personal combat. Compared to say how the Death Guard have had their style of warfare shoved down our throats.

If i was to hazard a guess at the units; a Deathwing Terminator Squad and a Ravenwing bike Squadron, maybe a Javelin Attack Land Speeder variant with Plasma Cannons. Rites of War to allow Bikes to Score with increased Fast Attack options in place of Heavy Support. I do not think Bikers as troops would be a thing until White Scars come on the scene.