View Full Version : What do you use your old Carnosaur for?

07-01-2014, 14:46
Last night I played my first battle with the latest Lizardmen armies book. Up until this point, it had been my intention to use the older carnosaur model as a hero on carnosaur, eventually picking up the newer model for representing The Lord version. Upon looking at it now though, I'm left feeling that the old model just too small by comparison. Now I'm considering using it as a hero on a (large) cold one. My question is, what are you doing with yours?

Spiney Norman
07-01-2014, 15:20
I am still using mine as a scar vet on a carnosaur, I agree it is tiny by comparison, but until I can afford to buy another one for my double-carnie list its all I have to work with.

Dark Aly
08-01-2014, 17:53
If you don't know what to do with it then post it to me, I'll care for it and give it a home :)

08-01-2014, 17:57
I still use mine as a carny. heck, for all that the new guy is so huge, his head is the SAME size as the old one. just silly.

08-01-2014, 23:10
I think I'll stick with plan A - using it for heroes. Cheers guys (and nice try Dark Aly - I'm too proud of my paint job for that :))

09-01-2014, 13:19
It is still the model for a Carnosaur. I see no point at all to play it as something else.

09-01-2014, 13:25
I use mine as Kroq-Gar... Grymloq was a runt Carnosaur and that's why Kroq-Gar has such control over him. Don't take his small size as a weakness though! He is just as agile and strong as a normal one!

Then the new kit is old-bloods or scar-vets on a Carnosaur. Since they would want the biggest, badest ones but not necessarily the smartest, hence why they blood frenzy.

09-01-2014, 13:28
I use it as a troglodon, the left over skink doesnt look terribly oversized on top of it as the lord (the guy no his chair is nearly the size of the carno mini).
And the skink stands on top pretty neatly, I'm gonna try converting the top most part of the new carno to use the handles

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