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John Wayne II
09-06-2006, 19:51
Well, as I tried to think of my first Dwarf list, I came up with this. Slightly different from what I normally see other Dwarfs use, but hey, I'm no Longbeard. Here it is:

Lords and Heroes

Anvil of Doom
Rune of Stone
Master Rune of Dismay

Battle Standard Bearer
Strollaz's Rune


19 Longbeards (Thane goes here)
Hand Weapon and Shield
Full Command

20 Warriors
Hand Weapon and Shield
Full Command

20 Warriors
Hand Weapon and Shield
Full Command

15 Rangers
Full Command


15 Miners
Full Command
Steam Drill

10 Slayers


Organ Gun


The Longbeards and the Warriors form my main battleline, with the Slayers holding one of my flanks. I would try to flank enemy units with the Miners and Rangers, with the aid of the Anvil. The Organ Gun shoots stuff, and the Gyrocopter runs down units that my Dwarfs don't catch.

So, any good?

P.S. This is not a Beast of Chaos list. I made a mistake with that. Sorry! :cries:

09-06-2006, 22:54
I like the list.

Scouts can no longer move through cover, so they aren't that great as they once were imo, I'd drop the unit for more miners. This would give you even more mobility and flanking options.

You should also think about dropping the organ gun for another Gyrocopter, the reason being is that your Organ gun isn't going to get to many shoots off adn will have its LOS blocked if your going to get into combat nice and quick. Its also really hard to defend if most your army runs off and its the only static unit left behind.

also the another Gyrococpter is going to be more mobile and can deal with the bane of a fast dwarf armylist which is skirmishers and fast cavalry.

10-06-2006, 16:31
My ideas:

Give your standard bearer the rune of guarding, it'll keep him alive in combat.
Also I'm no fan of the oath stone in an all offensive army: you're tring to charge as much as possible (you take the anvil for it), why then would you make your toughest unit immobile?

The master rune of dismay can work, but this depends on the army you play against. If they're immune to psychology or have a high leadership, it's just a waste of points.

The slayers don't have that much hittingpower. you can use them, but use them then to hold a flank, not to charge one. Otherwise it's better if you just change it with someting that is able hit harder.

The rangers are indeed not that good. I never take more than ten maximum.

If you drop the rangers and the organ gun, you can treat yourself to a nice extra unit of hammerers or ironbreakers. They are really valuable if you ask me.

A unit of 16 miners is nice enough as it is. I wouldn't take more.

Give your longbeards great weapons and maybe even the rune of stoicism or of battle.