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08-01-2014, 11:56
The problem:
In the rulebook (thamarkan), the rules stated that tha chaos dwarf war machines follow the brb. Then a few pages further it stated that the skullcracker is a chariot and a few pages further it stated in the army list that the skullcracker is a unique model.

If the skullcracker is a noraml warmachine , it hasn't got a base and only 6 models can fight it and the T from the crew is used. If it is a chariot then all models in BASEcontact can fight. If it is a unique model then who can fight? The front of this thing is so small that only 2 models can fight it (front rank).

I allready send a email to FW for more explaination but got nothing. Googling the thing didn't got me an answer.

My nephew got two skullcrackers and it is nigh impossible to take them both out. They wreck my dwarf,woodelf and orc army. My chaos army can hold them.

Your opinion, which base and/or type of model?

08-01-2014, 13:56
It's a Unique unit, and as per p80 of the BRB you should assume its on an appropriately sized base - I'd assume 50mmx75mm unless that was obviously too small.

It does not follow the rules for War Machines (at all) as it has all its own special rules in the unit description. This means you can attack it with as many models as fit in base contact, including supporting attacks (so on a 50mm frontage that's usually 4 infantry models wide).

Hope this helps!

08-01-2014, 20:22
Wel, yes. Overlooked this small rule. Thanks

09-01-2014, 18:26
got an answer from FW: The model is unique and the base must be min.60 mm x 130 mm

09-01-2014, 20:26
Excellent, good to know!