View Full Version : Question about building Manufactorium

Colonel Alexi
08-01-2014, 23:31
So I recently opened this kit, but all the floor pieces seem really close together (so that cutting them apart would actually destroy one or both). How are you meant to separate them?

08-01-2014, 23:51
Do you mean the four wide floor tile pieces with the damaged corner? They are a single piece not intended to be cut apart.

Colonel Alexi
09-01-2014, 00:49
Yer, so you can only build it with those 4 wide? Seems incredibly restrictive

09-01-2014, 00:52
theres a thin line between each floor panel, i used a blade to score between them a few times, and then was able to get a nice clean snap on them.

09-01-2014, 13:33
Even with the snap, I still ended up cleaning the cut edge, otherwise they pieces would leave too much space between each one, so I couldn't get the buildings to fit together right. All in all, it's a fun kit to put together. You don't have to use all of the parts, just save them for making other buildings.

09-01-2014, 15:04
theres a thin line between each floor panel, i used a blade to score between them a few times, and then was able to get a nice clean snap on them.

this, plus some cleaning.

though I too did have trouble with the floors... mainly because they're designed to be used as planks. I found when I tried to build a entire floor out of them, things got problematic.

09-01-2014, 19:47
I treated them just like a large (inedible) bar of Chocolate, same goes for all of the CoD buildings.
There are some issues if you place four cleaned individual floor segments end-on-end next to an unadulterated length of four joined segments, the individual segments will come up fractionally short (2-3mm, maybe more if you're a bit heavy handed with the cleaning).
To counter this you just need to bulk out the short edges slightly, use some sprue off-cut as a spacer and then when it's set fill with whatever you have to hand or find most appropriate. The thin "girder" components should fit snugly in the recesses between the detail of any two tiles, so you can use them as a kind of jig to judge how much space you need to make up.

That said, you can find yourself needing a little more space than a complete segment allows, especially if you're going for two or more complete corners in a construct (the kits are really optimised for building single corners) so having a few mil shy here and there might actually be a benefit in the long run.

Whatever you end up doing, remember to dry fit everything multiple times and build slow, make sure each section is properly set before moving on.

Khornies & milk
09-01-2014, 20:51
What Chem-Dog said basically.
Plus you can always just 'cover' up any slight imperfections to your flooring by gluing rubble, fallen girders, broken walling, whatever...it is a ruin after all.

One of our Manufactorium's took about 20-25 kits to build to the size we wanted, as we want minor skirmishes going on within the main battle. It's about 10 storeys high in 2 corners and the way it's structured the 4th storey is roughly 40-50 tiles in size, and is easily reached via (almost) complete flooring that has collapsed to the ground floor....I hope that is clear enough to give you a mental picture.

So yea, anything is possible if you put the effort in. My group do only play Apoc games of 40K though (regular game is crap ioo), so size does matter.