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11-01-2014, 08:13
Hello all,

I was recently thinking of changing up my local meta by playing my Ogres, I have been rather focused on my High Elves of late and I thought a complete change up was in order so can I get some opinions on the following list. It is mainly built to have a ridiculous death star with magical buffs, and 2 Iron Blasters to kill Daemon Princes and other things that cause major issues for a list like this.

The Bullstar, is a great core fit although I expect to feel my lower LD scores, which is why I included a BSB. The Sabretusk is included to make the list legal and to give me a fast way to deal with O&G fanatics. Since I couldn't take a banner of eternal flame I thought a Fire Belly could be good for dealing with regeneration characters, I also have pretty good anti magic to deal with the unit busters such as Purple Sun or Pit of Shades.

Slaughtermaster (4+ armor, 4+ ward)
-Armor of Destiny
-Hell Heart
-Iron Fist
-Level 4, Lore of the Great Maw

Bruiser (3+ armor, 4+ ward, toughness 5)
-Heavy Armor
-Talisman of Preservation
-Enchanted Shield

Fire Belly (A few strength 6 hits, Sword of Rhuin, and a Breath Weapon are a good idea...)
-Level 2
-Great Weapon
-Dispel Scroll

Ogre Bulls x 15 (exactly 500 :) )
-Iron Fists
-Musician, Banner

Mournfang Cavalry x 4 (hammer as always)
-Musician, Banner
-Heavy Armor, Iron Fists
-Dragon Hide Banner

Sabretusk x 1

Iron Blaster

Iron Blaster

The French Guy
12-01-2014, 22:17
A bull star is interesting! I should try it out sometime.

I run my SM with a 4++, fencer blades and the iron icon. I think giving him an armor just feels wrong, but it's personal taste.
I give the +2A sword to my BSB, then the dragonhelm or an enchanted shield with a luckstone. The 6 S5 attacks win me some rounds of close combat, and he is pretty well protected for a BSB.
I used to give the FB a GW, now I use HAW and speed potion, pretty good against regen in close combat (supp. regen, then the rest of the unit can punch it dead).

Hope it helps!

13-01-2014, 10:52
So that is five units on the table, incl 2 cannons and one throw away unit with the sabretusk. That really isnt a lot.
Personally i think you are asking for one unit being blocked and the other one is screeming for cannon balls and magic.
I'd reduce the bull herd and take two side units of 3 bulls.