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11-01-2014, 19:28
Hello all, I hope this isn't already somewhere, i did a quick search but not have used the right keywords.

I was wondering with the full allowance of Forgeworld, does that mean 30k is also good to go without permission? After seeing the Red Butchers models, I know want a 30k World eaters to go along with my 40k World Eaters. My other question is are the Red Butchers in Volume one or HH or two?

11-01-2014, 19:34
By the "full allowance" I guess you mean in the Warhammer World rules pack, which is freely downloadable so you can read for yourself... but in those rules, 30k is a special case and cannot be used in 40k.

Red Butchers are in HH book 2.

12-01-2014, 01:42
...does that mean 30k is also good to go without permission?

The Horus Heresy/30K series is a slightly different game format, much like Battle Missions, Spearhead, and Planetstrike, so permission is probably the wrong word to use. Whenever you plan/would like to use a 30K army, you should inform your oppnent before hand and discuss it with them. For tournaments, unless they specifically mention allowing the 30K series, one should not plan on bringing an army based on it if you cannot clear it with the Organizer before hand.