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Mephisto Dragonbane
14-01-2014, 04:12
Acronym's! Acronym's everywhere! help me out guy's? I get CC is close combat, TH/SS is thunder hammer and storm shield. but there are so many Acronym's on this website it baffles me lol.

there are so many in the tactics section it makes my head spin. I really want to learn more about the game but reading tactics with:


there are more obviously, just figured I'd give you some examples.

14-01-2014, 04:29
Bp/ ccw bolt pistol close combat weapon
Atsknf and they shall know no fear
Msu minimum size unit
Mos mark of slaanesh I think

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14-01-2014, 05:28
There are a lot of acronyms around, yeah. Communities tend to develop slang over time, and in a long-standing community like the Warhammer one the slang and acronyms and nicknames and abbreviations can build up to the point of being almost impossible to comprehend for an outsider. The ones you mentioned:

LoW = Lords of War, really really massive models that cost as much as a small army and can take one on themselves, first released in Forgeworld's Horus Heresy series but recently brought into mainstream 40K by the Escalation expansion.
I haven't seen VOTL, but that may be a typo, VotLW is Veterans of the Long War, a chaos space marine special rule that makes them better against loyalist marines.
BP/CCW is a bolt pistol and close combat weapon, the standard equipment of space marine assault specialists.
MoS is the Mark of Slaanesh, likewise MoK is Mark of Khorne, MoN is Nurgle and MoT is Tzeentch.
ATSKNF = And They Shall Know No Fear, the fancy loyalist marine version of fearlessness
MSU is Many/Multiple Small Units, it refers to an army that takes as many minimum-sized units as possible rather than having a smaller number of larger units. It's not as popular nowadays as it was in the past, but you see it around now and then.

14-01-2014, 05:39
MSU is Multiple Small Units
VOTL is Veterans of the Longwar
LoW is Lords of War I think
BRB is Big Rule Book
FW is Forge World, or Fire Warriors
ML is Mastery Level
LC is Lightning Claw, LasCannon
MM is Multi Melta
PB is Plague Bearer
LoC is Lord of Change
DP is Demon Prince
BS/LW is Bone Sword/Lash Whip
#++ is a way to show in invulnerable save
PR/MP is Plasma Rifle Missile Pods for Tau Crisis suits
WYSIWYG is What You See I What You Get
MC is Monstrous Creature
ID is Instant Death
IC is Independent Character
EW is Eternal Warrior
RoW is Ruins of Warding/Witnessing
DE is Dark Eldar
EML is Eldar Missile Launcher
PCM is Platoon Command Squad
AC is Auto Cannon/Assault Cannon
FNP is Feel No Pain
FE is Farsight Enclave

That's all I got right this second, I'll try to type up more when they come to mind.

14-01-2014, 05:50
Meq marine equivalent
Teq terminator equivalent
Geq guars equivalent

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Dwane Diblie
14-01-2014, 11:12
LoS = Line of Sight.

LOS! = Look Out Sir.

MSU originally stood for Minimum Scoring Unit and was a reference to a unit build and not an army build in general. It basically consisted of the cheapest possible Scoring unit generally inside a transport. Then you spam it to the max (normally 6) or take the bare minimum, leaving the maximum points allowance for the rest of your army to go nuts on and buy all the really powerful units.

14-01-2014, 11:42
MSU can be Minimum Size Units or Multiple Small Units. Either way, it means going for lots of little squads (which often gets you a higher ratio of special-weapons-per-person or transports-per-person).

14-01-2014, 16:40
It's a shame we don't have a system like DakkaDakka's where abbreviations can be moused over for an explanation.

14-01-2014, 16:52
And two common acronyms in rules disscussuions :

RAW - rules as writen

RAI - rules as intended

Mephisto Dragonbane
16-01-2014, 06:03
wow. thanks for the replies guy's :) Hopefully this can get sticky(ed?) for all new comers to the site :) Thank you all for your help. (least now I'll know what I'm looking at)

16-01-2014, 15:45
I recently established the Ordo Acronymicus to help with just such a thing! We do use them a lot, and even the most seasoned of us can get a fuzzy memory when we use so many...

Flame Boy
16-01-2014, 21:48
That's a good idea, but I've noticed in this thread there can be multiple meanings for a single acronym, which makes the whole situation more annoying. The Ordo Acronymicus looks pretty useful. Thanks. :)

16-01-2014, 22:24
It's a shame we don't have a system like DakkaDakka's where abbreviations can be moused over for an explanation.

This right here. Its nice being able to just put your mouse over the acronym and be told what it is.