View Full Version : DoC Playing with a cheap Bunker build

14-01-2014, 04:14
I was just playing around with a fun thought for what a good Daemon bunker would look like:

Daemonette x 30, full command, BoS
Herald - Greater Locus
Hearld- Lesser Locus
Daemon Prince - Level 3
Soulgrinder (irreverent overall, just filler)
Fiends of Slaanesh x 3 (Filler)

roughly 1500. The point is to maximize protection for the caster (the prince) in a bus. Obviously this isn't a tough bus per-se, as Nurgle could afford the 4+ regen and 4 toughness majority for the rank + file. However, I really wanted to put on paper this idea, as not only will you have ASF as a minor protection, but with the lesser gift you could A) Park the bus in the woods or wherever to maximize your horde frontage and not have to deal with rank/static advantages, and B) Protection from a fair amount of anti-bus spells like dwellers, purple sun as you auto-pass characteristic tests.

Any thoughts?

14-01-2014, 06:52
Monsters can't join units, can they?

And only the greater loci will affect the unit, not both.