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14-01-2014, 06:26
Hello all,

So the time has come, I've decided that the majority of my collection needs to go not for a lack of love but my financial situation needs a cash injection, and all in necessary items have to be considered for sale.

So I'm planning on selling via eBay, and want to know as hobbyists do you prefer army deals as in a whole army for x amount or for the items to be individually listed, eg; 10 Empire State troops for X etc

Any advice would be grand :)

Lord Dan
14-01-2014, 06:33
If they're well painted, sell them in individual units.

If they're unpainted, partially painted, or not terribly well painted, sell them together in a bulk deal at a decent discount (remember that most people can find WHFB stuff online new for 25-30%, so you need to beat that price. I therefore recommend 40-50% off for the starting price).

14-01-2014, 07:10
Good advice, being in aus I hope that I can help out some struggling gamers find new armies

14-01-2014, 10:07
I do a fair bit on Ebay... couple suggestions:

-- Good pictures. Figure out how to turn on the Macro setting on your camera. Blurry pictures mean less money.
-- Good descriptions. Make sure people know what all they are and are NOT getting.. a line like "only what is in the picture is included" is solid.
-- Decent price -- 50-65% of retail for un/badly painted models is about all you'll get.
-- You'll make more money selling in individual lots, but you may have a few lots left over and it's more work shipping. Choose what's best for you.

Hope this helps!

14-01-2014, 11:03
Consider not using e-bay at all

Most countries have local sites devoted to tournaments, setting up games and such.

These sites tends to be a much better forum as you can likely find buyer much more locally.

I sold my Space orks through a Danish site which saved us both a pretty penny in advertising and transport, and had the added benefits of us being able to conclude the business in person.

Consider it

Lord Dan
14-01-2014, 15:57
Good advice, being in aus I hope that I can help out some struggling gamers find new armies

Actually that might be a further problem for you, as you've already paid significantly more than an American for the same product. In other words 50% off of a product for you is likely only 25-30% off of a product for us.

15-01-2014, 01:01
I'm not to worried about that, having a residential address in the US allowed me to buy from US stores and ship/or have brought to AUS, getting around any embargo crap.

Plus the dollar has dropped below parity with the US... I wonder if this means Aus will see price drops soon :p

15-01-2014, 01:41
My advice would be to sell it as a single lot (if you have multiple armies sell each separately). Set the starting price as the minimum you will accept, set the shipping so that you don't lose money - remember to include the cost of the insurance and recorded delivery if the selling price is likely to be more than you can afford to lose.

Also if it is painted, avoid terms like pro-painted, table top standard, etc. Words like nice, or very nice, or well painted, sell better.

If you go down the route of selling in smaller lots, the same rules apply - but be aware that you may well be left with some unsold lots. So selling your stuff may take a while.

Also be aware that you are dealing with the psychology of price. For instance you may list an item that you price at 50 and describe it as very well painted, it gets 15 watchers but doesn't sell. So you relist it at 35, describe it as well painted, it will probably sell for 75 the second time around.

Oh and don't pay any attention to RRP, there are plenty of people, for whatever reason, following that advice so the strippers are well catered for.

15-01-2014, 02:07
I just sold my Deamons of Chaos army last week. It didn't sell for a awhile, so offered free shipping and it sold right away.

15-01-2014, 17:45
I personally, and most of my gaming group, would only use eBay for individual models/maybe small units, and never for full armies. I just gloss over any of those results when I'm looking on there. That's just me though, no doubt others would be different. Although ditto what's been said about "pro-painted", I've never considered buying any item described as such, admittedly partly cos the asking price is insane.

16-01-2014, 06:27
Pack the minis well. "fumes" Pack the minis really darn well like your life depended on it :mad: