View Full Version : Grey Knights, Are they fun? Still strong or very weak now?

15-01-2014, 17:02
So, I was just curious, I realy like the Grey Knight models and back when I was starting 40k their codex was just comming otu and I considerd getting them for the models, But after reading about them I saw everyone say they where horribly boring to play against and realy over powerd, So I went with Tau instead. They where very weak and I couldent win a single match, But I liked their models and fluff^^ Tme went on and I started Space Wolves and Necrons aswell. but now, I look back at Grey Knights and their awesome models.. So I just wonder, Are they fun? Fun t play and fun to face? Are they still considerd over powerd, Or are they too weak to use, Or something in between?

15-01-2014, 17:08
Or something in between?They aren't generally considered over the top now - the new necron, eldar, and tau books all help to overshadow it and the 6th edition rules have softened it around the edges.
They are still decent though.

15-01-2014, 17:14
It's a good army, has working builds, still have units that see little play(I wish Purgation Squads were more playable...).

If you like the models, go for it.

15-01-2014, 17:20
Still very good, and the nerf to stones of warding? Makes then better against eldar and the new shadow in the warp is less dangerous to them. You wont be curb stomping everyone into oblivion any more and the change to power weapons made terminator equivalents harder to crack. Psycannons are good in the current hit point vehicle meta as well.

15-01-2014, 17:22
Very good still. Not busted powerful but pretty easy to use still.

15-01-2014, 17:28
...the new shadow in the warp is less dangerous to them.The new shadow in the warp can be brutal on some GK lists - you pin basic squads against an Ld of 4 when using the horror (and that's assuming they still have their squad vet), and it has knock on effects to the psychic scream power.

15-01-2014, 17:36
Grey knights are basically an ok mid-tier army right now. They can struggle to move around now, which leads to armies like Tau causing them real trouble. Otherwise they stand up fine.

15-01-2014, 17:37
Alright, Sounds very good. Thanks for all the replies! ^_^