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15-01-2014, 19:41
Hi, everyone. I know some of you are like me, and have a particular army that you love and will always have, no matter what. An army you will never, ever get rid of, and will always collect and paint models for, even when the latest codex for that army is the worst ever (a bit of a poke at all the sudden Tyranid hate out there at the moment... lol...). I'll start with my two favorites:

Tyranids are my main favorite. I really like the storyline behind them, sort of like space-faring locusts on crack who make the Borg (from Star Trek) look like girl scouts by comparison. And I really love the models - they are easy to assemble, easy to paint to a good standard, and look just plain awesome.

My second favorite is my Crimson Fists Space Marines. Yeah, I know, just about everyone probably has Space Marines of one type or another. But I like their story of a heroic Chapter stubbornly refusing to die out, and tenaciously rebuilding from being nearly wiped out. Their color scheme looks good and is easy to paint. Some of the newer Space Marine models are really cool, too, like the Stalker/Hunter, Storm Raven and Stormtalon. But I am still a bit undecided about whether or not I like the new Centurions.

Lord Damocles
15-01-2014, 19:50
I don't start armies because I like their rules.

I ran Necrons from 2nd ed. all the way through to the present.
I had a pure Grey Knight Daemonhunters army from 3rd ed. (which I'm updating minus most of the new toys from Codex: Grey Knights).
I made an army of retro Tyranids under the last Codex which is mosty units considered to be garbage.
I had a pure Hereticus Witch Hunters army (of which only one model survived the transition to Codex: Sisters of Battle).
I made an entire army of Harlequins after 5th ed. nerfed Rending.
I made an Ad Mech army based on mechanised Imperial Guard during 4th ed.

15-01-2014, 20:02
My two favorite (and only owned) 40k armies are Dark Angels and Chaos Space Marines (specifically Death Guard). So long as you don't play with WAAC netlisters, you can have a lot of fun with these two armies still.

15-01-2014, 20:05
My two favorite (and only owned) 40k armies are Dark Angels and Chaos Space Marines (specifically Death Guard). So long as you don't play with WAAC netlisters, you can have a lot of fun with these two armies still.

I will second what Gradek says. My primary army was thousand sons for a long time until recently I played Death Guard. My thousand sons do just fine in any environment where min/max lists are the norm. If you are playing in a min/max environment then you have to just accept your army is not one of the big 3... or pick up one of the big 3. That choice is yours.

Tyranids will be fine in a non hyper competitive environment.

15-01-2014, 20:06
I still use my Word Bearers whom I started during 2ed. If I could run them using the 3.0 codex (the first brown one), I can run them using the one we have now. I ran them when they were bad, I ran them when they were good, I run them now.

And then I have my Orks, who I miss. Started them up during 3ed, and I had so much fun. So much awesome conversions and kitbashings, and such awesome games. And then the 4ed codex hit, and in the beginning I seriously never lost a game for like 20 fights in a row, so stopped using them. Tried them out again against the new Eldar, and now I stood no chance instead. 2 HP buggies vs Wave Serpents, boys ws battle focus, and it was over before it started. So now I don't use them because they are simply too weak.

15-01-2014, 20:10
I have done that with Dark Angels, however their current book is actually pretty pleasing for me. Not top the heap but a far cry from the last book which was very poor. Though they've never been the absolute best they'll always be my favorite army.

Imperial guard I started at the end of last edition and just love the feel of guard, even when I lose. Most especially if its a very hard fought loss. So both of them I'd never get rid of barring something truly awful.

15-01-2014, 20:11
Overall I think that people should not chose armies based on their strenght. Rules may change both for better nad for worse, yet models, army theme, fluff and feel will remain overall the same.

True love for army is when you enjoy playing it despite it's shortcommings. Like my, and my guard. I run this army for 7 years already, it rules and performance changed many times during this time, from bad in 4th ed, absymal in early 5th, to ( albeit qiute short ) regin supreme with 5th ed codex, to beeing again medicore nowdays. It's just this army fits me, my playstyle, and I love it's fluff so much. Even if game is scaled for marines rulewise, i have no intenction changing it. I simply gow attachment to my poor dudesmen :p.

Spiney Norman
15-01-2014, 20:15
My Sisters of Battle have been abused several times over the last few years, getting two progressively worse pseudo-codexes, but I still love them very much. They have the "underdog advantage" that most of the players I come across have never played them before and don't really know what they're capable of and I still have a lot of fun with them, yes, even against the "evil" top-table builds.

I learned a while ago with my sisters that you can still have fun playing, even if you don't win.

I also run a Dark Angels Greenwing 5th Company list, which at the moment is distinctly average.

15-01-2014, 20:15
Well, let's see...

I started out playing with Tau in 4th, despite being told it wasn't a good army for a noobie.
I started Mechanized Grenadiers in 4th ed, despite being told they were bad by everybody.
I started up a horde Tyranid army in 4th, despite people telling me I should be playing Nidzilla.
I started up a Nurgle/Slaanesh army in 4th, despite being told that Iron Warriors was the way to win.

I started up an all foot Sisters and Space Marines in 5th, despite being told that I needed to mechanize and that Sisters weren't very good.
I started up Thousand Sons in 5th, despite being told they were overcosted and underpowered.
I started up an all foot Eldar army in 5th, and was assured I wouldn't win a single game.

Since 6th dropped, I've expanded Chaos with the "bad units", started slowly putting together Orks and will be purchasing Nids as well. So you might say I have a habit of picking the 'weak' options from the 'weak' codexes. Having a blast though, and I even win from time to time. Depends a lot on the terrain and attitude of the person I am playing.

15-01-2014, 20:21
Agree with lord damocles, i don't start armies for the rules. Still have most of my fluff and models for my favourites, but i'm not a fan of actually playing a cinematic game. Knowing how the game will most likely end (cowboys win, indians lose) = not fun enough to play.

15-01-2014, 21:24
I have over the winter break started a Khorne themed Chaos army with berserker troops and khornate daemon allies.
Even after the new Tyranid codex came out and all the uproar about it started I am still considering expanding my brother's mostly unused Tyranid army.
I normally try to include at least one dreadnought before any other vehicle when I use my Space Marines.
And That's just me my younger brother who plays Orks doesn't even know what the competitive lists are he just plays what he wants.

the gribbly
15-01-2014, 21:58
Dark eldar is mine. I will always play that army. That said gods please dont let gw redo their book! Its power level is perfect to me. On that note, and after some time with the new tyranids I feel that dex is also really good. Barring a few WTFs its power level is about right. The only real disparity comes from the allies mechanic and BGB psych disciplines, NOT the nids dex. Against other stand alone armies the book is very strong.

16-01-2014, 00:37
I guess I should add (perhaps it might have been obvious in my first post) that I didn't choose my armies for their apparent playability or power, so I'm like just about everyone else in this thread. Another thing I want to add is that I just started building up a Chaos Daemons army, mostly Khorne with some Tzeentch, because I like the way they look. I currently have a Bloodthirster, Soul Grinder (painted in Khorne colors), Skulltaker, a Herald of Khorne on Juggernaught, and 20 Bloodletters fully assembled and painted. I have another 20 Bloodletters halfway painted. I just assembled 30 Pink Horrors and The Changeling, and I modified my other Soul Grinder with a bird-beak face to make it a Tzeentch Soul Grinder (the flesh parts on this one will be pink, as if it was a former Pink Horror/Herald). I also have the really cool-looking older metal Daemon Prince primered and ready to paint, as well as 3 plastic Juggernaughts. I think this new recent project of mine will be another favorite despite what they do to future codexes.

16-01-2014, 01:06
First and only army is CSM: Black Legion. I have been using this force since the days of Realms of Chaos. I like the paint scheme (okay, I was a terrible painter back in the day and it was easy to paint), the feeling of the archetypal black knight, and the tragedy of their early background (deludes/ tricked into rebellion for the betterment of humanity, only to lose and become its destroyers).

Occassionaly others are allowed to tag along (Legions, Renegades, Cultists/ Traitors, and Daemons), but the Black legion has always been and will be the core of my army.

16-01-2014, 01:53
Im not sure i have a 40k army like this, although i doubt i will ever sell my Dark Eldar, as i just love my moustache twirling evil space elves but i have only played them for just over a year, so still early days.

I do have one for Fantasy, as been in love with Ogres, since the day they recieved their first ever codex, i was actually the first person to buy them at my local GW store.

16-01-2014, 02:07
I have never started, nor will I ever start a new army because of powerful rules (aka. bandwagoning.)

*I started with Eldar right after 4th Ed. was released (2004). I chose Eldar simply because I loved them in Dawn of War(1). I had absolutely now idéa about their powerlevel or about 40k in general.
Reasons for starting: Gameplay in Dawn of War.

*Two years later (2006) I started with CSM, or more specifically Thousand Sons, because while I loved my Eldar, I needed variation. I had my eyes on Thousand Sons because I liked their fluff and their models. When I started with them, I knew that they where arguably the weakest of the traitor legions, but I started with them anyway, and had tons of fun with my slow 2W-marines.
Reasons for starting: Variation, Fluff and Model's.

*After starting with CSM i got interrested in WFB, so it took me untill 2012 before I started a third army: Orks. Again I needed variation, and Orks in 40k has always appealed to me in a strange manner. What finally made me start was when I was attending (but not playing) a major tournament and in particular I was intrigued by this one Orkplayer (grown man in his late thirties) who was so in character when he played his orks that I got infected by his strange mannerisms. When I came home I started collecting Orks.
Reasons for starting: A grown man I barely knew, giving me one of the funniest weekends of my life + Alot of IRL WAAAAAGH:ing!

As for the topic at hand:
I still love my Eldar. They are everything they once where and then some more, so why wouldn't I?
I still love my CSM but in a different way - my Thousand Sons are "dead", and while I don't like their newest codex for different reasons, I can still have fun with it.
I still like my Orks, but I won't lie if I say that their existence hangs on a thread - Their current codex is simply put dull. It was fun in 5th, but it's boring in 6th. If their new codex doesn't contain the amount of quirkiness/randomness (orkyness) i expect from it, then I'm afraid I will get rid of them, regardless of what their powerlevel might be.

I started Wood Elves in 6th because no one else at my LGS played them. This was before their current armybook.
I started Dark Elves in 6th, when they were the worst army around.
I started Empire in 7th because I liked their gameplay style. Warrior Priests > all.
I started WoC in 8th because I got a good deal, and because I like chaos, being a CSM-player and all.

Angelis Mortis
16-01-2014, 02:09
I've got a SM force that will be getting a major painting overhaul that I've had since 4ed and somewhere in the attic is my brothers CSM force that he gave me when he left the hobby which I may revamp slightly

16-01-2014, 02:21
I've loved my DAs since 1995, and always come back to them. They've made me cry sometimes, like when the Ravenwing Attack Squadron came into being, and I had to liquidate and/or reorganize all my ravenwing units. They have served me well, and GW hasn't done anything ridiculous, like wolf riding marines or something of that ilk, to them.

16-01-2014, 03:00
I love my Tyranid army and will never sell it, and will continue to play it with personal rules adjustments where possible - started them back when their book first came out in 3rd and the whole story behind them appealed to me then and still does now.

16-01-2014, 07:57
Orks!! Orks!! Green!! More Green!! I cant quit buying them or converting them or painting them. I dont care if they become the worst army ever there still my first and true hobby love.

On a side note I run a speed freak list that has won over 30 games in 6th edition with only a few losses with a few losses. There not the best hard core turny army but there nowhere near as dead as people like to think. To prove it I challenge anyone to come to Idaho to prove me wrong ;)

The bearded one
16-01-2014, 08:39
Tau with their 4th edition codex at the start of 5th edition. I liked the fluff and models, and it's an easy army to learn to play the game with, because all you needed to know was how the shooting phase worked ;)

And now we have the 6th edition Tau codex, which is rock hard. I like that my devotion to the army is rewarded after all those years of being lower tier. I don't know why, but it seems to happen regularly. I built my own chameleon skinks for lizardmen in 7th edition, when noone would take chameleon skinks. Then they became awesome in 8th.

16-01-2014, 10:18
My Eldar. I've had them since 3rd ed. and always enjoyed playing them. Even in fifth, when Eldar on foot were dreadful, I'd still take them with me to the games society in college and give it a go.

bork da basher
16-01-2014, 10:26
my favourite army has always been chaos. we've not been a great army for a while and the chaos codex is regarded as pretty bad i still think its ok. i have always been a mono god player. im a bit of an old school fluff purist and dislike mixed god armies. i think they look terrible aesthetically and regard them as no better than i regard the allies rules. using non fluffy choices as a crutch.

currently working on my deathguard for 40k and have had some success with them. i always come back to nurgle for the modelling side of the hobby. every single model in my force is converted, some sculpted from scratch. i find it very hard to get that involved in the modelling side of things with other armies.

16-01-2014, 10:32
Eldar. Both flavours.

I know Eldar are pretty tough now, but for most of 5th I was playing them against mech guard.
That was . . . challenging . . .

Dark Eldar sold me on the model range alone.

Sir Didymus
16-01-2014, 10:56
I started Daemonhunters, because I a mixed army of Uber elites and humble grunts, and I'm thankful for Coteaz still letting me field my models - even though, I'm forced to field a special character.

I started Farsight Enclaves, because I'm a sucker for mech, and finally I could make an all mecha/drone army.

And I'm working on getting my Dark Eldar up to speed, because those sm elves just rock :)

16-01-2014, 10:56
Guard, always Guard, I've played them from 2nd Edition onwards, regardless of the pro's and con's of the codex - and to be honest my list has'nt changed a huge amount either, certainly I've got alot of the new toys, a Valkyrie, a Vendetta, a Manticore etc, but never more than one of each. It's always been about the poor bloody infantry as far as I'm concerned (and the Roughriders, I love Roughriders and the Heavy Weapons of course).

Kung Fu Hamster
17-01-2014, 02:52
I seriously doubt I'll ever give up on my Dark Eldar. The image of deranged, coked-out pirates mowing down Guardsmen and playing hackey-sack with their severed heads is just too damn cool to trade in for anything else. :)

17-01-2014, 02:58
I have played Dark angels since 2nd edition and I dont see me giving up on them. The last codex was a not great but the new one ia better, not great but better and playable.

17-01-2014, 08:33
As others have said “I’ve never started an army based on rules”

For me it’s all about the color scheme and fluff,

First army was Thousands Sons which I started back in 4th, will always love them, their background, colors, and models are just great.

Have a large World Eaters army which does just fine for its self, who ever said melee was dead clearly doesn’t believe in Khorne

Have a green wing Dark Angels force which I find myself playing more then anything right now. It’s just a lot fun to play.

Have 750 point all grethchen army, never won a game with it but its one of my favorites to play. It’s just so cute. Seeing 150 of the little guys try brings a smile to my face every time. It’s come close a few times to victory and I think that’s why I enjoy the army so much, watching my opponent get nervous that they might lose to an all grot army is something special.

And last I have a very large Eldar army that I only ever bring out for apoc anymore, love the look of their tanks and titans. I’ve only played one game with new codex and hate the fact that my warlocks can’t with my wraithguard anymore, I had them all painted up in squads, but oh well.

17-01-2014, 08:56
I play sisters and they are still the army I most enjoy playing. And heck, our dex is more uninspired than the new nid dex. Nids at least got new units and models :P

I really don't think ill ever give up on my sisters. If they eventually end up squatted ill probably fandex them.

17-01-2014, 10:12
I’ve only played one game with new codex and hate the fact that my warlocks can’t with my wraithguard anymore, I had them all painted up in squads, but oh well.

Are you sure about that? My regular Eldar opponent often has some sort of Warlock leading this Wraithguard (I'm pretty sure it was a 1W model, it's been a while since he used the Wraithguard).

17-01-2014, 10:21
I only have one unit of Plague Marines in my Chaos army, the rest is either Bezerkers or four units of Chaos Marines with plasma/ melta, I also don't own a Heldrake!

My Tau force consists of Firewarriors, crisis suits and hammerheads. Not a Broadside or Riptide in sight.

I ran Black Templars up to 6th ed Spacemarines!

I don't own Fateweaver or any screamers in my Daemons army, infact most of it consists of around 30-40 Horrors

My Ork army has two Dakkajets and a Blitzbomma!

I play for fun with units I like the look off, I run Havoks in my Ironwarriors army! no one does that anymore :P

Snake Eyes
17-01-2014, 10:36
My first army when I first started the Hobby was Imperial Guard. I ended up getting rid of them in 3rd Edition to start up my Chaos Space Marine army. Since then I have always been a Chaos Fan Boy, and despite being so dissappointed with the current codex, they still come out to play on occassion. However I have recently started to get back into Imperial Guard, combining the best of both worlds theming an Armoured Company based on Renegades that are aligned to the Blood Pact.

It is always amusing to see your oppositions face when an Imperial Guard Tank army is moving towards them.

Imperial Guard has become all about nostalgia and I have been working hard to get my hands on the older models. So far I have managed to pick up 5 of the old 2nd Edition Cadians and 3 of the 2nd Edition Ogryns. An old style Hell Hound or 2 are on their way to me now, and I am still hunting for more Cadians and Ogryns to replace to newer type ones I own.

The army is a blast to play and many of the units I love are not deemed good. But it is always a refreshing change from the Tournament style army I play, and it can still pack a lot of punch and scares the hell out of some armies :)

17-01-2014, 12:39
My first army for 40k were The Witch Hunters in 2008. I focused on Sisters of Battle, hoping than in 1-2 years time from starting, I will get a new codex with new rules accompanied by new wave of plastic miniatures. Years passed, I started collecting Necrons, Space Marines, Grey Knights, swapped Necrons for IG before they got new codex and...still there were no signs of new dex for SoB.

Then, all of a sudden a new codex arrived...in 2 White Dwarfs that were difficult to get, with no new miniatures (not that I dislike the current ones, they are beautiful) and with most of the rules causing a chronic eyebrow raise, especially the one being a heart of SoB army - Acts of Faith.

Sedated with promises that this is just a temporary state, I awaited for the proper dex, still having a shade of hope, that one day I will be able to go to my local indy store and ask for 2 squads of plastic SoB + bunch of new special characters, and will get them straight from the shelf. That no longer will I have to scout local internet auctions in search of fairly prized, often incomplete, painted by Picasso wannabes, models.

To my surprise, a new codex arrived in a digital format only...leaving me with with a sour thought, that in 2008 I should have never wished for a new SoB codex in the first place.

Still I like this army and will probably never sell it. I no longer play the game, but the miniatures look great on my shelf, and are slowly being worked on, whenever I have the time.

17-01-2014, 13:13

I love Chaos Space Marines regardless if I feel they get shafted here and there (although nothing compared to 'nids).

The thing about chaos is the fluff. It makes playing on the table top (for me) fun no matter how the game goes. I like to play a more assault oriented army because the idea of winning the game by smashing someones face in is WAY more fun than having 5 turns where I mine as well not have a movement phase, and shoot all day with cover-ignoring, high-strength, skyfire, intercepting weapons (not looking at anyone specific *cought* TAU *cough*).

But thing thing for me with chaos is, even when I lose, I look for little chaotic victories to satisfy me. Maybe I decide "you know what I have no chance of winning but I am not letting your warlord live" so I charge the warlord and his unit with everything I have left and challenge him with something stupid like a cultist champion and just "see what happens".

Or maybe there will be an enemy unit with only one model left and I think it'll be funny if the 3 obliterators right next to him would shoot him from 1 inch away with 3 lascannons, and just imagine what that would look like. Again, I would only do things like this if it is pretty clear I have no mathematical chance of winning.

Playing the game like this with chaos space marines make it fun for me whether I win or lose :)

17-01-2014, 14:50
I started Tau in 3rd edition after trying a hand at the 'new' Dark Eldar, which had been rough. Back then, Tau were not hated (well, Railguns were hated) but they were new, untested and generally tough to play (though more forgiving than Dark Eldar). I played them because I loved the idea of high tech 'good' guys in the land of Grimdark. Being a big Star Trek fan probably had something to do with that.

Still playing Tau, even if haters gonna hate in 6th ED :D

17-01-2014, 14:53
Are you sure about that? My regular Eldar opponent often has some sort of Warlock leading this Wraithguard (I'm pretty sure it was a 1W model, it's been a while since he used the Wraithguard).

Most likely a Spiritseer (2W).
Warlocks can only join Guardiansquads now (be they defender-, storm-, windrider- or heavy weapon platformscrews.)

17-01-2014, 15:47
Been playing Nids since 2ed days. If 5th wasn't going to stop me from putting them on the table, 6th (which is a step in the right direction) will see me playing even more games.

SoB...I remember when they first released. Been playing them ever since.

I really disliked Dark Eldar. I dislike elves as a rule of thumb (from my 2ed. AD&D days. Running and playing) those pointy ears and beady eyes. Then the current dex dropped...and I saw the models. I read the fluff and that was that.

Fantasy wise I play TK and VC (Necro and Wight heavy). Hordes I love Circle (goats and wolves!) and Skorne (Whips and chains!). I have never been one to drool over the power level of a book or army. Regardless of game I play from tabletop to videogames. I look at what models look awesome as well as the fluff that interests me more.

17-01-2014, 16:32
Nurgle Daemons and Space Wolves. It is true that I quit the game mid 5th edition due just being jaded with the gaming scene in my area. Even though I sold off 90% of my wolves, and all but my nurgle daemons. I still kept my favorites, kept up with the lore and even kept painting a little. Now I am back in the hobby, I am slowly building up my wolves, my daemons are flourishing, and necrons have joined the party!

18-01-2014, 02:24
"The rule of cool" is a big thing for me. Although my Tyranids are my all-time favorite, like I mentioned, I also have as a close second my Crimson Fists Space Marines and my Khorne/Tzeentch army that I'm currently putting together.

Another army I have is a Deathwing army, basically my own homebrewed Dark Angels Second Founding Chapter. I ended up with this army quite by accident. One day I was going through all my bits and unassembled models, and realized that I had way too many of those older metal Terminator blister packs. I had boght so many over the years, forgetting all about previous ones I bought, until I discovered that I had well over 30 of them - including that cool Terminator Captain model, a Terminator Librarian and a Terminator Chaplain. So I quickly assembled and primered them, and painted them up. I did a quick-and-easy color scheme of all black with just a couple interesting details picked out, used some Ultramarine decals upside down as their chapter badge, and called them the "Black Omega Chapter." I fixed up a black-primered Land Raider that had been sitting in a box for a couple years, added a Dreadnought, and I had a ready-to-play army in just two days.

But I digress. The reason I mentioned "rule of cool" being one of my main motivations is that I also just got the Nephilim Jetfighter to add to my Black Omega Chapter. Most people I talk to say it is very unimpressive on the battlefield, and some say even worse things. But that thing is so cool looking, I just HAD to have one in my new rush-jobbed Deathwing Army. But right now that is sort of on the back burner, ready to be put together as soon as I finish my Chaos Daemons army and a couple of the new Tyranid models I just got.

18-01-2014, 02:55
Had my nids since 3rd, still love 'em

Ruination Drinker
18-01-2014, 03:06
No force in heaven or earth can make me hate my Orks. I'm still generally satisfied with the codex. It's 6th ed that did them dirty.

18-01-2014, 21:07
Basic, vanilla Space Marines since time began. First army was Ultramarines, every army since has been a successor. The Space Marine codex has always been pretty solid though, basic marines are pretty much always decent enough to get the job done.