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16-01-2014, 03:46
So I play a little DoTA from time to time, warcraft 3 version, not DoTA 2 valve/steam version, not that it makes a difference anyways
for those of you who don't know, DoTA stands for Defense of the Ancients, its a multiplayer online battle arena game
anyways, I wanted to make a dota themed army for warhammer, has anyone seen anything like this? Or just non warhammer DoTA miniatures?
I'd probably do it either by going sentinel or scourge and choosing hero's from one or the other, then having the troops filled out as the creeps, or by choosing one race and having hero's of that race be my generals/champions/squad leaders what have you
I guess you could also consider it a warcraft 3 themed warhammer army (I know, warcraft is based off of warhammer, but warhammer is based of LoTR, so deal with it)

Any thoughts or advice on how to do this?

16-01-2014, 16:53
You might want to link some pictures showing how the combatants in question look like, this would help those less familiar with subject.

Personally, all I know about DoTA I learned from Basshunter: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c_cCsFU6pak

16-01-2014, 17:14
Been playing dota for around 8-10 years now. Working on a wardancer lord that looks like Yunero (dota 2 version).
I also plan to do a Pudge using ogre models later down the line (nurgle chaos ogres).

The few character combinations that stick out to me are graveguard/wight king - Leoric/Skeleton king.
Vampire counts have banshees that could substitute for Krobelus the banshee.
Vamp vargheists as night stalker (fits new and old art).
Ghouls fit decently as naix/lifestealer.
Tombking characters could also fit with decent converting and painting. They have skelly archers that could work for clinkz.

Orcs and goblins!
ANY GOBLIN MACHINE CAN BE TECHIES!!!! Model techies on a round base and use him as a fanatic (both are equally suicidal).
Mount an orc wizard on a boar/wolf and u have disruptor.
Any orc character with a 2-h axe could be AXE.
Old yunero/jugger could be modeled out of savage orcs + steal a greatsword from an empire friend.
probably others im forgetting

Chaos warriors
Abbadon = mounted chaos char.
Rotun'jere/necrolyte could be a nurgle wizard.

I can add more later but this phone is annoying and work is calling.

16-01-2014, 17:38
Wood Elves might work.

Dryads as melee creeps, treekin as mega melee creeps. Glade guard as ranged creeps, waywatchers as mega ranged creeps. Heroes/lords could easily make up mirana, luna, windrunner, yurnero, rooftrellen, maybe a dryad as death prophet, etc. Treemen could even be towers!

18-01-2014, 02:23
I think VC is the best way to go about it; using a ghoul-heavy army will fill out your core.

-you can use a unit of zombies as your bunker for Dirge (he can be a necro)
-as suggested, Balanar can be your Varghulf (you'll probably need to get a little creative on the conversion there, though)
-Lycan can lead a unit of dire wolves (his summons) - you can use him in wolf form or in "man" form using a bloodletter head attached to something (idk, maybe?)
-Abbadon can be a mounted vampire lord (but I don't know what kind of unit he'd lead)
-Naix obviously can be a ghoul champ
-Leo as a Wight King
-i'm sure you can convert a dark elf model of some sort to be Mortred. maybe use her as a unit champion or something
-krob can be a banshee
-pudge can lead a unit of crypt horrors (though i like the idea of just incorporating pudge into your terrain - maybe hide him in a forest?)

Obviously, you can only have so many champions and character models, so also consider using these heroes as standard bearers (if you can think of a suitable conversion).

I haven't played in like 2 years, but I think I'm going to give it a go again after reading your post. Ugh... maybe not - I don't think I'm ready for all the trash talking and overuse of the word noob.

21-01-2014, 00:31
Itll be hard but the ogre slaughter master model. Makes a great pudge