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16-01-2014, 07:29
So the Pylons at Cadia prevent the Eye of Terror from expanding, right?

Do they have any other effect on Psykers or would it even be possible they could disrupt the Hive Mind in some way shape or form?

16-01-2014, 08:08
Well, there are implications that Pylons are Necron artefacts and the Necron null-matrices used to protect Necron worlds and installations do give the hivemind creeps. So its yes-but-no kind of thing: Hivemind would instinctively avoid Pylons and be "afraid" (if fear can be used to describe that feeling) of them, but it could also provoke the Hivemind into attacking them for the same reasons...

16-01-2014, 15:05
Take a pylon, attach it to a missile, shoot it at a hive fleet and see what happens.

Lord Damocles
16-01-2014, 20:23
The Cadian pylons don't seem to have any effect on the manifestation of psychic powers (as evidenced by Cadia's sanctioned psykers). Nor do they appear to prevent/disrupt the manifestation of daemons.

Given that the null field matrix 'is a fragile machine which must be hidden away at a Tomb World's very heart' (Codex: Necrons (5th ed.), pg.16) and the Cadian pylons quite clearly... aren't... the pylons probably aren't a null field matrix.
This would fit with them 'resonating at an amplitude similar to that produced by a Geller Field' (Codex: Eye of Terror, pg.11) rather than a null field.

According to White Dwarf 355 (UK), pg.28 Hive Fleet Hydra has made planetfall on Cadia, which would suggest that the pylons didn't overly deter them.