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18-01-2014, 08:45
Hello WarseerNation,

So with the new year, I've been staring at my closet of 40k and trying to think of ways to use all of my models or clear up space. However, there are these pesky starter set models that I have because I wanted the small rule book or a few of the models. Not to mention the new Sternguard models... So I devised a special game type to be played using any of the 40k starter sets or armies.

This is suppose to represent one of the great 40k armies launching a Covert Assault on another army. I have had a ton of fun with friends with these rules and I wanted to share them.

I have included a sample army list below for anyone interested. Nightlord and Alpha Legion players enjoy!
Example Armies: Black Reach Only

Infiltrators: HQ-Space Marine Captain in Artificer Armor w/ Digital Weapons and Power Sword. Troops-5 man Tactical squad w/ Flamer and Veteran Sergeant.
Defenders: Entire Ork Black Reach Units.
Relic: Space Marine Dreadnought

Also Sry if this is the wrong forum to post this in just wanted to share...