View Full Version : GW share price drop, will it lead to lower prices?

18-01-2014, 15:33
So i was on the escapist site when i saw an article about GW.

Its clear people are either buying less like me or moving into other hobbies as GW continues to price gouge, i mean 18 for a single plastic mini is a joke.

Prices need to drop we all know this, so do you think GW will take this to heart and finally realise they are killing their own hobby by punishing us their customers with the unreasonable prices?


bork da basher
18-01-2014, 17:02
i think we'll see hell freeze over before we see a price drop from GW. i think at best we might see a price freeze but even that seems unlikely.

i can't claim to understand economics and none of us can do anything but speculate what exactly their share prices do in relation to model prices and peeved hobbyists. we aren't privy to that knowledge.

18-01-2014, 17:03
I highly doubt it. I'd sooner see prices increase because of this.

18-01-2014, 17:19
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