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20-01-2014, 14:13
Arch Mage- lvl4 book of hoeth tali Pres.
Noble Bsb, Armor of caledor, Long bow, halbred
Handmaiden Reaver Bow, Potion of strength, charmed sheild

39 Lothern sea gaurd FC, sheilds (noble here)
10 Silverhelms FC sheilds
5 Reavers w/bows and spears

28 White Lions FC banner of world dragon 7 wide
29 Phoenix Guard FC Flame banner (Arch here with high magic) 6 wide

20 Sisters of averlorn (hand maiden here 7 wide 3 rows)
Great Eagle
Great Eagle
Frost Phoenix

20-01-2014, 20:38
I don't rate the book of Hoeth- careful use of my power dice seems to work for me.
Instead give him the crown of command and swap the flame banner for the banner of discipline.

This gives you a great anvil in the Phoenix Guard at stubborn LD 10 with a re-roll plus a 3++ if you get at least 1 spell of per magic phase.

I also rate swift sense on the eagles to make their 2A work - though I'm not sure you have the points left.

21-01-2014, 14:34
no it comes to 2994 the way it is. thanks for the input. :)

22-01-2014, 18:08
here's my list using similar set-ups that comes in at 2994pts

Archmage: lvl 4, scroll, crown, high magic (for +1 cast)
Sea Helm: BSB, Standard of Discipline
Handmaiden: reaver bow, potion of strength

30 sea guard: FC, shields
30 sea guard: FC, shields

28 Swordmasters: FC, BotWD (mage and BSB here)
30 White Lions: FC, banner of eternal flame

20 Sisters avelorn (maiden here)
eagle: swiftsense
eagle: swiftsense
bolt thrower
bolt thrower

2 bolt throwers and 60 sea guard give your shooting a massive boost to make it more intimidating.

eagles for redirecting

swordmasters are cheaper and can have their 6+ ward against shooting buffed to help them get into CC

2 stubborn special units.

these are all things to consider