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22-01-2014, 15:58
Hey all! Apocalypse has really started taking off at our local club and I wanted to get some community feedback on what people like to see the Game Master doing (if your group utilizes one). One area I wanted to focus on in particular is how specific/complex the secret missions are the GM hands out to individual players. Any tips & tricks, or do's & don'ts appreciated!

22-01-2014, 16:38
I haven't GMed per-say, but I have designed and run a few apocalypse scenarios that I've played in. My advice is to not get overly complex with your missions and special case rules, being that there are so many variables in a larger apocalypse game that it's rather difficult to plan a narrative over the course of the game to go the way you want it to. I remember putting together a scenario back in September giving chaos the opportunity to activate a portal kicking off modified warp rift disaster rules, and giving the imperial players the option to turn it off, and changing the rules for master of disaster to unit proximity.... etc, needless to say the intricacies were lost on the players, and the impact was not nearly as exciting as, say, if I had just run the scenario with the stock disaster rules on turn 1.

That said, narratives really help to generate a lot more interest in the game. An inspired GM goes a long way to making the game more engrossing for the players, where apocalypse can otherwise cause a bit of dice fatigue as the turns drag on.