View Full Version : Looking for Players in Stoke-on-trent, UK

22-01-2014, 18:37
Hi, I got back into the hobby over the summer but have since moved back to uni at Keele. However, upon visiting GW in Hanley on a Wednesday night, which I was informed was fantasy night, there wasnt a single fantasy player in evidence, was full of 40K players shooting each other. Thinking I had just turned up on the wrong night I asked the member of staff in charge what was going on and he said they DONT HAVE A FANTASTY NIGHT! Which I found shocking.

So my question is: does any one play fantasy in Stoke-on-trent; if you do where do you play; and would you like a game?

I have 2400pts of Helfs being neglected in my room, please help!


22-01-2014, 19:18
Not that this is helpful, but you're lucky your GW even has a night at all, most of them are open 12-6 on Wed-Fri.