View Full Version : 2000pt Ogre Kingdom Throne of Skulls List inc. Grimhorn Rhinox Riders!!

26-01-2014, 21:27
At all GW events from now on, people can use all Forge World stuff and any scrolls of binding from Storm of Chaos, so i plan to make full use of it! I'm not an experienced Ogre player but have a small force that I used as half of a doubles army.

Be brutal (as i hope this list is), what do you think?

1 Slaughtermaster + Level 4 Upgrade + Ironfist 363
1 Warrior Bane
1 Dispel Scroll
1 Talisman of Preservation

1 Bruiser (Battle Standard Bearer) + Ironfist 169
1 Armour of Fortune

8 Ironguts + Bellower + Standard Bearer + Gutlord 417

3 Ogres + Ironfist + Bellower + Standard Bearer 116 *extra banner for Blood and glory and flank chaff

2 Ogre Mournfang Cavalry + Ironfist + Heavy Armour + Bellower 150

2 Ogre Mournfang Cavalry + Ironfist + Heavy Armour + Bellower 150

3 Grimhorn Rhinox Riders + Ironfist + Heavy Armour + Bellower + Thunderlord 365

1 Ironblaster, 170 pts

From Storm of Chaos

1 Eagle 50
2 x Scouting Sabretusks 46 *these are better than the ones in the Ogre book!

Grand total 1996


29-01-2014, 11:19
Looks like it could be a lot of fun to play against, the eagle feels a little out of place tbh, look forward to seeing it next weekend!

Time of Madness
29-01-2014, 15:32
Alright here's how to make the list better (in my opinion).

- Drop the eagle for another scouting sabretusk

- I'd drop the Grimhorn unit, the frenzy is annoying and a normal unit of mournfang riders with banner does about the same thing

- With the points saved pick up another ironblaster

- I'd combine the 2 units of 2 mournfangs into 1 unit of 4 with the dragonhide banner

- If you have any extra points make the irongut unit 10 strong (12 with the characters) and give them the standard of displine for increased LD.

This will make the list very hard!
Time of Madness

29-01-2014, 20:17
While tactically he's right, if I had 150 unit sitting about I don't get to normally use at a tournament I would be taking it! hence why I'm taking my Warp dragon over chimera's

30-01-2014, 22:14
Cheers fellas!

Yeah, I thought the eagle stood out a bit too much, maybe I could convert a gnoblar with wooden wings as an eagle. But the ToS is next Saturday... and i still have to paint the rhinox riders... :evilgrin: in fact the only reason i'm taking ogres is so i could include this unit

I can totally see what you saying Time of Madness, and its something that i'd definitely do, but I don't have anymore mournfangs (and i'm kinda dead set on including the rhinox riders)

What are peoples thoughts on the characters items? Having never taken Ogres above 1000pts, i'm a bit lost. I've seen various set ups including glittering scales/fencers blades, but is it good enough? Is a 4++ on both characters a bit boring?

Cheers again

30-01-2014, 22:38
With the items, I think most people tend to put the armour of destiny and an Ironfist on the slaughtermaster so he has a 4+ save and a 4+ wardsave, just gives him that little extra protection against troops that might try and land some lucky hits on him, scroll is fine, I don't really see the point in the warrior bane, kinda surprised your not using hellheart on your wizard, it's a horrid item that will give any magic heavy army a hard time. With the bsb talisman of preservation, charmed shield and heavy armour seem like good options, a great weapon could be useful on both your characters so you have some attacks that will get through 1+ save models.

I don't really see the point in the unit of 3 ogres, sure it's an extra banner but it isn't going to be hard to kill, if your lose your general and his unit its going to be pretty much game anyway. You might be better off bulking up the ironguts and giving them the standard of discipline, at least your general will have leadership 9 which will make a massive difference.

Rather than an eagle a couple of units of harpies could be very nice (could make some gnoblers with wooden wings if you like), bit harder to kill than the eagle, more wounds, skirmish and have access to some nice upgrades.

You want to slip in the dragonhide banner, really good banner.