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28-01-2014, 21:48
I have been looking around which army id want to start up to get back into the hobby with, so I borrowed a Wood elf army book and an Ogre kingdoms book and after reading through them they background of the armies just didn't do it for me. The wood elves I loved the whole independence from the High elves but the half the forest tolerate but the other half still shutting them out then two elves become the forest incarnated just dumbed it down for me and I lost interest in them. The ogres just seemed empty to me, the 'great maw' why couldn't they just be left as hulking masses of muscle, fat and power killing for because they can. I'd see them as less of a kingdom and more of a mass of ogres fighting through fear if the larger ogres and wanting what the smaller ones have. I finally got my hands on a Empire army book and I found what I was looking for. They know they can never match the other races toe to toe in pretty much most things on the battlefield but they perceiver. The political infighting and conspiring to get where they want and into a position of power. I just can't see past the background of the men in the old world the little I know about Brettonia I think that's great.

This isn't a pointless lovefest of men, what race/army/fraction background can't be beaten for you and which do you think, Why, why have they done that?

Archon of Death
28-01-2014, 23:19
Heroic writing to give hope to those of their kind, and to make them seem cool to the players.

29-01-2014, 13:16
Well fluff and background wise I bloody love we, dwarfs and empire. I really like chaos but it pretty much comes down to norse tribe conan drunkards on a berzerk rampage be they marauders o warriors.

We zealous nature really interests me. The no tolerance savage elfs are a cool concept.
Stout hearted, axe wielding, grumbling, drunken dwarfs are pretty cool too.
And empire is "german" puffed sleaves and wide hat coolness.

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30-01-2014, 00:05
I struggled with deciding an army in Fantasy, but much like yourself I read the Empire book, saw the flaggelents and my mind was made up.
The desperate struggle and the simple fact they're just men is a great idea. They're a well oiled war machine but corrupt and apparently eternally damned to lose, although I have never seen that written.

Other armies appealing to me are Dwarfs because of the BEAUTIFUL new models and I also have High Elves thanks to Island of blood, they also have a great fluffy book as well...

least appealing army...Mmm, Brettonian as they need some real model love and more diversity in my mind.

30-01-2014, 00:34
For me there are 5 factions of which the fluff is great. Firstly Empire and their struggle with Chaos and other evil things, being one of the new races and one of the most weak and powerful at the same time. Dwarfs have great overall fluff, and the way it connects with Empire feels coherent. Orcs & Goblins because WHAAAAGH! and the way they terrorise the 'good guys', while not being overly powerful. Lastly Skaven. For me that's the most warhammer-y race, completely mad and chaotic, but still a little structure.
Least appealing: Lizards, Ogres and Brettonia. They don't fit in really well with the rest of the world.

Lord Dan
30-01-2014, 08:11
This isn't a pointless lovefest of men

Very good. All lovefests involving men should have a clearly defined point.

In my own case, I feel that Skaven dressed as men beat all.

Oogie boogie boss
30-01-2014, 08:36
OnG, Dwarves and Skaven are the armies with the most appealing fluff for my eyes.

OnG are just awesome- brutal, savage, chaotic. They live only to fight for the sake of fighting.

I love the faded grandeur of the Dwarves, stubbornly clinging to the vestiges of a once proud and dominant civilisation.

As for skaven, the twisted imagery of their fluff is what appeals. Gnawing (literally) at the roots of the unknowing world above, plotting, scheming and always almost succeeding but for their own duplicitous nature.

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30-01-2014, 08:58
Ironically enough I'm the opposite to the OP - I absolutely adore everything about the Wood Elf background, from the faerie/enchanted feel everything has to the fact that they're not interested in dominating or exterminating others, they really just want to be left alone. Incidentally the half the forest tolerating them and half actively seeking to remove them is not true - looking at the map of Athel Loren it's really closer to three quarters tolerating them and one quarter actively trying to get rid of them.

Other factions I especially like the background include Bretonnia (say what you will about the rules it contains, but their army book is gorgeous), Vampire Counts (I'm a sucker for classic supernatural horror tropes), Beastmen (creepy savage primal brutal evil representing a twisted dark side of nature, the perfect nemesis for my Wood Elves) and Dwarves. I don't really dislike any faction's background though.

30-01-2014, 12:11
Other than the Ogre Kingdoms (which I can't place in the world), I love all the Warhammer factions. Mostly because they're all insane in some way or another.
Dwarves are stubborn enough to die in droves before admitting a mistake, Dark Elves can't get it up unless there's some kind of torture involved, Wood Elves skin anyone who breaks a branch in their precious forests, Chaos...needs no explanation.
But the Skaven, my beautiful, beautiful Skaven. The army more chaotic than Chaos, with fluff hilariously describing the Skaven mindset and how they're completely incapable of having any kind of responsibility or selflessness, a civilization that rewards only constant and compulsive backstabbing and cheating. Greenskins can be worked with, as long as you offer them a good fight. Dark Elves just need riches and slaves. But Skaven thrive on insanity, green explosions and glueing several rats together with brass devices and green stuff (the glowing kind) to see what'll happen. What could be better than that?

30-01-2014, 12:16
It's always been wood elves for me - try fracking in my wood and I will fill you full of arrows.

Bingo the Fun Monkey
30-01-2014, 17:33
I am better than you. So I play High Elves.

30-01-2014, 18:55
All lovefests involving men should have a clearly defined point.

I have a feeling this would be a good moment to insert some odd reference to chaos marauders, but I cannot think up anything quite suitable at the moment.

Lord Dan
30-01-2014, 20:28
I have a feeling this would be a good moment to insert some odd reference to chaos marauders, but I cannot think up anything quite suitable at the moment.

I hear they're great with their flails, though they're a bit costly these days.

30-01-2014, 20:43
Orcs and goblins, because they are so simple and straight forward. It seems like every warhammer army has some super serious, over the top agenda or personality. Most of the evil ones want to turn the world into their flavor of hell. Most of the good ones are all caught up in their own supremacist schemes.

But the greenies? They just take life as it comes. If you're big? Might makes right. If you're clever, cheat 'em for all they're worth. If you're sneaky, you don't need to fight fair. They all chase their demented little ideals. Some just want to find the toughest bloke on the block and punch his lights out, just to make a point. Some learn to build wings and bribe trolls into tossing them into the air. Some dare to ride squigs because it's all about living fast, dying young and leaving a green corpse.

Greenies don't hold any illusions about the world they're living in. ****'s CREAM (Chaos Rules Everything Around Me). While everyone else is scrambling for a piece of the insanity pie, my greenies know when to stop and **** on the roses.

I see hordes of green, pink humies too.
I see them bleed, for me and you.
And I think to myself, what a wonderful waaagh.