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01-02-2014, 19:57
Hey all, just getting back into warhammer fantasy after a while and I'm looking to dust off my Dark Elves and try out the new book. I've been taking a look at some of the posted lists and they all seem to revolve around witch elves/executioners. (Or at least have a sizable contingent of them) So I was curious, is it possible to build a solid Dark Elf list without relying on the likes of Executioners and Witch Elves? (Also Black Guard, but they seem to be much less popular) What would you use as an alternative? Can Old One Knights help fill the gap? Or are they too expensive per attack to provide solid offence? I'm curious to know people's thoughts on the matter. Thanks!

01-02-2014, 20:23
You can certainly field a dark elf army without elite infantry. You're going to have to get your high strength attacks from somewhere, but you can easily do that with characters, monsters, magic, and bolt throwers.

02-02-2014, 23:16
So I was curious, is it possible to build a solid Dark Elf list without relying on the likes of Executioners and Witch Elves? (Also Black Guard, but they seem to be much less popular) What would you use as an alternative? Can Old One Knights help fill the gap?

Cold One Knights certainly work. Charged six of them into six Dragon Princes today, beat and broke them. Pursuit unfortunately exposed them to a rear charge from the Dragon Princes' buddies, six more Dragon Princes... which the Cold One Knights took on the chin, killed all but one of the soft ones, broke him, and ran him down. I was mightily impressed.

Also, Shades equipped with greatweapons provide both a solid shooting unit and high-strength close combat attacks. You have to pick your fights though, they won't chew through an enemy horde.

Lord Solar Plexus
03-02-2014, 05:41
Yeah, I'm pretty sure you can deviate an inch or two from the netlist. ;) Especially when you've got a book where you can just pick units with closed eyes and be guaranteed to get the best there is. ;)

03-02-2014, 06:13
Army focusing on the pirate aspect of Dark Elves ?

Corsair + Dark Riders for Core, Bolt Throwers and Monster Mash for High STR attacks ?

03-02-2014, 07:09
Our new book has all in all no units which are letdown. Sure some of them might not be as good as others but overall you can make quite powerful lists without the standard executioner block or Welfs in any form (big block, multiple witch bombs). Like Borgomos said a monster mash list with corsairs and DRs, Reapers and a life sorceress or Cold One Knights with chariots, XBow units, Black Guards supported by shadow magic etc. etc.

Just go with what you like best, you can`t really go wrong with the new DE book.

03-02-2014, 12:32
How about an all-spearman core lead by a fleetmaster, multiple scourgerunners in special, and medusas for rare. Maybe a solitary Hydra as well. I'd like to see that list do well!

03-02-2014, 13:02
Harpy spam OP bro :p

I don't play DE's, but from the look of the new book there seems to be a whole range of builds which don't shoe horn players into building the army strictly around elite infantry.

03-02-2014, 13:48
Like has been said they're all pretty great!

Units of particular to note are the new dark riders and sorcerer equivalents that are ridiks nasty!

You infantry blocks are really strong, all in all you can't go wrong, shades are a pain in the **** as well!

03-02-2014, 14:17
Wait, Dark Elves have infantry that isn't elite?

I thought the gist of elves was they they're all elites. :p

06-02-2014, 04:01
Shadow or beast magic make regular dark elves like spears and swords into capable line units. Also, cold one knights get my vote for best special choice in the book. Run 2 11 packs, one flaming with bsb, one gleaming with a combat master or your shadow lizard wizard. Hard to stop.

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06-02-2014, 21:26
What's important in Warhammer Fantasy list-building is tools.

Witch Elves dish out a ludicrous number of poisoned, ASF attacks that will decimate any horde unit. The cauldron helps them against higher toughness units as well (like, say, Ogres which they would be wounding on 5+ otherwise). Their lack of S makes them vulnerable to armour though, so people put a hag with the obsidian blade on the cauldron and give the unit the razor standard.

Executioners are S6 with killing blow, and strike at high initiative. This makes them an EXCELLENT can-opener unit, good against things like unkillable demon princes, knights, monstrous cavalry, and monsters.

If you don't want either of these units then that's totally fine. However, you'll need tools to replace the ones that you've chosen to avoid.

Instead of Executioners you could take a pair of Kharibdyss and some bolt throwers as anti-armour. You could also take a mage with lore of metal, or lore of shadow and something with lots of attacks. Cold One Knights could work as well, though they're going to have trouble against anything that survives that initial assault.

Instead of witch elves you could take corsairs or hydras. They're both good at taking out rank-and-file. Massed crossbows might be a good idea as well, if you want to go that route.

08-02-2014, 21:48
Black guard>all.

I play pirates with corsairs (handbow) either in 1 block with sorc or 2x10 (short range redirector killers), black guard - converted from darkeldar models to be sloppy and less formal, spears with corsair bodies, shades with greatweapons, add sisters - most underrated unit in our book-12 charging a block with my blackguard is lol for what do you mean i dont get my rank bonus QQs. I've made sure my models are all have the medusa, octopus, sea serpent looking options where possible.

Alternatively as said else where darkriders, bolt throwers.

I really dont like witchelves. I really would like 2 run monster mash but find really hard 2, if not impossible not get hydras nuked early in my meta.

Mass troops splits peoples focus and they are not usual so sure on what to target. If you really want to have a fleetmaster call him counts as assassin or counts as champ.