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02-02-2014, 16:43
I have been thinking for a long time to recreate Tamurkhans army but I have to admit that I am not a big tactical genius and was wondering how large you people think an army including Tamurkhan should be to have it competitive (and what else burgle themed to include) and if I should use Sargaths rules or the Tyrant.

Was also wondering what people think about a great host of chaos in general. I am not a Waac player and do this more because I believe it to be a fun project to make and play in campaigns with my friends.

04-02-2014, 21:12
I have also a question about tamurkhan, what do you guys think of nurgle rot knight ?
15 points more tahn a normal nurgle knight for +1W but they seem to only avec a 2+ armour since rotbeat dont have barding...

04-02-2014, 21:24
I think it is worth it. Only trouble though is the lack of models for them.

Evil Hypnotist
05-02-2014, 12:27
I finished the campaign last night using a host of chaos warriors and daemons. My list was something like this:

Tamurkhan (General and Paragon of Decay)

Great Unclean One (Lvl 4 Death)

Daemon Prince (standard Nurgle net list)

BSB, Hero, Sorc lvl 2 on warshrine, Festus, Throgg, Kasyk, Epidemius (we ignored the restrictions on special characters for this game)

3 x 20 plaguebearers, 2 x 18 warriors, 20 Forsaken, 4 x 5 warhounds, 2 x 5 Marauder Horsemen (all Nurgle marked and full command where appropriate)

8 Knights, 8 Trolls, 6 Ogres, 4 Beasts of Nurgle, 7 Nurgling Bases, 2 Gorebeast Chariots (again, all Nurgle marked where appropriate)

2 Hellcannons, Soulgrinder, 3 x Plague Drones, Giant, Spawn (again, all Nurgle marked where appropriate)

It weighed in at just over 9000 points vs 7000 Empire and Ogres and I lost quite spectaculary.

My biggest problem with Tamurkhan is his lack of protection. He comes in at over 800 points and doesn't have a ward save (6+ as Paragon in this case). Being the biggest guy on the battlefield he is bound to attract every warmachine going and in 4 games using him only once have I managed to get him into combat on Buboelos. His special ability to possess someone if he dies is quite situational I think and even if he does get there he doesn't really do that much in combat, I use him as the Ogre version and the Black Cleaver is pretty disappointing - you are hitting at Str. 7 anyway so reducing your enemies toughness isn't great unless you are taking on a monster.

In terms of the Great Host, Tamurkahn has to be Paragon, which means he is already vunerable to the effects of his death will have on the army i.e. all friendly units detroyed on a failed Ld test. I would much rather put my faith in the 'unkillable' Tzeentch Lord. The Tide of Conquest is particulary annoying too, you have to cause more wounds on your opponent in a game turn or you suffer the Scorn of Chaos. With the majority of Chaos armies you aren't going to be able to manage that in your first turn (and start rolling on the 2nd) so you already start off on the backfoot - the best result sees your Paragon wounded. In the six turns of my game I got Ascendancy once. The Ascendancy rules are quite good though, although better against some opponents than others. Saying that, I love the sight of my Warriors and Daemons lining up in such numbers, visually, Great Hosts are awesome!

Rot Knights are very thematic, like Hawkwood says, the lack of models is a real shame or I would definitley get some. Losing one point of armour for an extra wound is well worth it, that extra wound has the 2+ armour save too! They are obviosuly more hardy than Knights but the 15 points goes a long way towards another Knight so you are missing out on attack power. Depends what role you see for them I suppose.