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03-02-2014, 15:27

Hi Guys,

Digging out through some old hobby stuff and came across these at the bottom of a box.

Could someone tell me what models they are and what horses they would need to be complete?




03-02-2014, 15:29
They look like the old metal Black Knights and some Wight characters. Not 100% on the horses, but I don't seem to remember them on the "naked" placcy skeleton horses (they might have been though).

EDIT: No, they definitely were on the old "naked" plastic horses.

03-02-2014, 16:31
Shelfunit. is correct.
The leftmost Wight Lord was made with a clothed horse: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_aD3zSSZsqMI/TOeZWTxPrEI/AAAAAAAABeA/jrKTnZRrZrc/s320/vcarmywightlordentr1.jpg

03-02-2014, 17:52
The ten guys on the left are all old Wight cavalry. They just had the straightforward "naked" skeleton horses.

On the right, you have, left-to-right, a wight lord, a Blood Dragon, the Red Duke and what looks like another Blood Dragon (I'm not 100% on the Blood Dragons, but I'm pretty sure about the first one). The Wight Lord had his own metal horse (the "undead camel") and the Red Duke also had his own steed. I think the Blood Dragons just came with the standard armoured horses (fleshy, not skeletal) - the same ones you get in the Empire knights box and with some of their character models. If it turns out one of the vampires isn't a Blood Dragon, I think they tended to come with the cloth-covered barded horses (the ones the Bretonnian knights used to ride). I don't think they're still available from any range, which is a shame.

The Red Duke: 186556
Wight Lord: 186557

03-02-2014, 19:16
Thanks for the answers, guys.

I'm trying to get these into a saleable condition.

Considering the unavailability of the steeds now, what's the best way to get these guys mounted? eBay for more horses? Or should I just sell them as they are?

03-02-2014, 20:53
The plastic horses shouldn't be too difficult to find, or that expensive - there are tonnes of the things around - all that would be needed is to take off the original rider, any paint can be removed via the wonder of Fairy Power spray.

03-02-2014, 23:20
If you're looking to sell them, I shouldn't worry about it. Most buyers probably aren't going to pay a lot more to get a plastic horse (which as shelfunit says are fairly commonly available) and it's extra hassle for you. The cost and time expenditure of tracking down the right horses, paying for postage, possibly stripping them, and the like probably isn't going to result in a higher margin for you when you come to sell.

The only ones I might keep an eye out for are the metal steeds for the wight king and Red Duke, but it's unlikely you'll find many of them without the rider, so unless you got very lucky you'd just be saddling yourself with an additional rider figure.

Bear in mind too that both the Red Duke and the Wight King are still available from GW (albeit in Finecast)* so it's not like they're super-rare figures that people are going to pay over the odds to get in a complete set.

*I notice that, despite the entire model being Finecast, both of them are still cheaper than an Empire Grand Master, which is a Finecast rider on (unremarkable) plastic steed. Ah, the logic of GW pricing...

04-02-2014, 03:34
As said, the plastic steeds are easy enough for people to find. Half-broken skeletal steeds missing their riders must be one of the most common ebay listings! They aren't even oop, you can get eight in the Tomb Kings cavalry set.

The metal ones wouldn't be worth rounding up just for the sale. Anyone buying them as a collector will be able to track them down, while anyone else would just use another steed.

I Am Forsaken
04-02-2014, 05:41
If you cant find any on ebay or wherever, GW still sells the same naked skeletal steeds in the tomb king calavry and chariot sets. 8 horses in the cav and i think 6 in the chariots.

04-02-2014, 10:59
Like other have said, if you are looking to sell those, you won't gain much by tracking the horses, the effort wouldn't net you any real benefit.

But if you still want to look for them for the sake of completeness, you got most of the answer already. On the left you have 10 Mounted Wight/Black Knights, but you seem to have only 1 type of lance for them, when normally each knight had a specific lance design. You're also missing half the sheathed swords for them. The horses they use is the classic Skeletal Steed, wich are still in use for Tomb Kings, so they'll be easy to track down. You can look at all the parts here (http://solegends.com/citcat2004/P0850-00.htm)

For the other 4, you first have the Wight King model with his special all metal horse, wich you can see here (http://solegends.com/citcat2004/P0840-00.htm).

Next to him you have the mounted Blood Dragon with great weapon, wich you can see here (http://solegends.com/citcat2004/P0836-00.htm) (Mounted Blood Dragon 2). The horse if the regular Empire barded horse, but note the special metal head that came with it.

After him you have the former Red Duke, now just a regular Vampire Lord, also with an all-metal steed, that you can see here (http://solegends.com/citcat2004/P0857-00.htm).

And lastly, on the same page as above, scroll down to see the Mounted Blood Dragon 1, with again a special metal head (and tail) to go with the Empire barded horse. This one I would say is a rarer model (though it doesn't mean more valuable), as it's part of the short lived 5th edition range that wasn't sold for very long.

05-02-2014, 15:48
Thanks for all the help, guys. I will probably just end up sticking them all on eBay without the horses, either as a job lot or as singular character models and the Wight cavalry as a group.