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Scarab Swarm
11-06-2006, 09:55
Blank on purpose!

Scarab Swarm
11-06-2006, 09:55
War Journal of Chapter Master Nero Angelo:

I had thought it strange that Chief Librarian Virgil deemed the path passing the Eden system would be optimal for our cause. Our fleet was heading back to Paragon VII, the homeworld of the Jade Falcons.. our home. As always, Virgil's psychic gifts had foreseen something most unexpected.

The Eden system lies close to the Warp, but far enough that it was safe. It centred many other major industrial planetary systems, and Eden was used mainly as a trading post for Imperial citizens. Because of the great flow of people and goods, this system was extremely prosperous, with living standards among the highest in all the Imperium, hence the name Eden, for it was indeed a paradise amidst this universe with nothing but conflict. Trade ships and Imperial Navy vessels fly proudly above the system's most populated planet, Serenity. Together with the planets Smile and Joyous, they form the planetary cluster "Trinity", which makes up for 80% of the system's population. To either side of the Trinity cluster are two more planets. On one side is the planet Harbour, which contains many starports for trading vessels to dock. On the other side is the planet Vesper, a planet rich in minerals. Roughly 500,000 Imperial Guardsmen are assigned to each of the five planets.

2.5 million guardsmen and their fleets... and we were unable to make contact with a single one as our Chapter fleet passed by. No debries, no signs of space combat. The Imperial Navy of Eden seemed to have... disappeared. We couldn't establish contact with neither guardsmen nor civilians on the surfaces of the planets either. Our satellite scans proved ineffective as strange interferences denied us of any real conclusions to what happened on the planets.

We must fear for the worst.

There are no close Imperial forces nearby. The Jade Falcons will have to find out what happened. We are fortunate to have Scout Squads with us on our journey. I will dispatch the 10th company onto the planet Harbour, to search for answers, and if needed, clear a path for my Chapter's arrival.

May the Emperor protect Eden...

Each veteran sergeant of the 10th company had received their orders in the morning, and they will enter Harbour by the next day. Much preparation is needed. They must visit the Armoury to arm their Scouts with weapons of their choosing, and also review the geography of Harbour to decide on a good landing zone in the briefing area. Furthermore, squads choosing to explore the same locations maybe collaborate on how to arm themselves to maximize efficiency. The day is young, but time is running out for Eden.

May the Emperor guide them.

OOC: Okay, scout squads, you have one veteran sergeant and 4 scouts each. The veteran sergeant is you. Unless specially rearmed in the Armoury, you are all armed with a bolt pistol and close combat weapon. If you go to the Armoury early, you could get first dibs in equipment. However, those choosing to review the planet's geography first may have a better idea on how they should arm themselves for the occasion. On top of that, reviewing the information on the planet might help you once you're there, one way or another. Remember, knowledge is power.

Gremore Dysart
11-06-2006, 23:18
OOC: sorry this is my first 40K rp could i just be a scout in someone elses team till i can learn the ropes?
Sorry if this is really what you didn't want but i RolePlay a lot but really don't know 40k so well.