View Full Version : Name/Nickname Ideas for Flesh Tearers characters

The Anarchist
04-02-2014, 22:45
So writing a historical campaign for Blood Angels and their successors, I've drawn (and very pleased with) Flesh Tearers However being that I must name all of the captains and give most of them epithets/nicknames/pseudonyms I was hoping for a few suggestions (the more the better) for likely names? So far I've got Laegrath the Red Hand and "Crimson" Nk'Ial so what more might you all suggest?
I'm also naming some of the chapters more prominent squads (so far an assault squads epithet is the Grim Butchers) so any suggestions on these would help too. As the entire campaign is between the various BA gene-line fighting mostly Khorneate and Slaneshi forces (a second battle for Skaltharax) I'd rather have too many names as many can be used for various Sons of Sanguinius as well as some of the more dark sounding ones for the khorneate forces of the World Eaters.

07-02-2014, 23:24
Apothecary Acula

08-02-2014, 17:04
Try to gather some inspiration from vampire names and add some gothic flavor to the spelling. Or saintly, angelic names would be good too, in an ironic way. Given how flawed they are.