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Lord Blood the Hungry
05-02-2014, 13:36
Long have we toyed with the idea of a Hordes/Warmachine project log.
Some of us have been playing for a while, but now the PCRC warmahordes contingent has reached critical mass, so for the enjoyment and enthusing of all:

The PCRC Presents:Inroads in Immoren; A Foray into the Iron Kingdoms
A Hordes project log
(with provisions for the inclusion of those playing warmachine factions, because, lets face it, its the same game ;) )

Steam-power and gun-powder meets swords and sorcery, as monsters and robots, wizards and warriors battle at the behest of their masters, fighting to to lay claim to their section of the lands of Immoren.


and to kick us off:

The forces of mother nature, known as "Dhunia" in the Iron Kingdoms, ready to fight to protect "the Thornwood" rally behind the former Cygnar Trencher Captain GunnBjorn. His trencher training leaving him favouring ranged combat over melee, Gunnbjorn opts for a variety of ranged weapons in his battlegroup including the fearsome powers of the elemental trolls.


Sallying forth in a drunken rage from the wintery lands of the northern Kriels, the beer swilling shaman Borka Kegslayer leads his brutal Dire Trolls against the intruding forces. he also brought more beer, and a pygmy troll to pour it!


05-02-2014, 13:39
As a relative newcomer to Warmahordes and a Trollblood player, I'll be following this with great enthusiasm :D

Bob Hunk
05-02-2014, 21:13
Bob Hunk's Khador Battlegroup

Although I'd describe my political leanings as slightly right of centre, for some reason I often find myself playing as the Communists. I played the Soviets in Red Alert 2, the Red Blok in AT-43 (remember that?) and I have a Tau army for 40K (ok so that's a tenuous one). So when the PCRC started to investigate Warmahordes I was naturally drawn to Khador. It also helps that my motto in life is "slow and steady wins the race", and Khador 'Jacks tend to be slow and heavily armoured.

Most of my limited hobby time at the moment is being spent on the PCRC's 40K Scallop Stars campaign (see link in sig.), but I'm sure I'll find a bit of time to do some more work on these guys. :) Anyway, here's my Khador battlegroup so far, based around Karchev the Terrible's tier list.



As my signature says I do like to stick LEDs in things. These 'Jacks have yellow LEDs inside them to represent their inner magical fire. ;)

Karchev the Terrible

Above is the man himself! The fire on the base is his 'Fissure' attack! It's quite bright so here's another shot with the LED switched off.


Karchev's tier list is mainly 'Jacks and Man-O-Wars, so my battlegroup also includes these guys.

Man-O-War Shocktroopers

Man-O-War Kovnik

So all these guys are mostly done, I've just got to work on the highlights and details. Then it'll be time for another 'Jack and even more Man-O-Wars! :D

06-02-2014, 08:47
Apologist's Khador Battlegroup
For the Motherland! Giant steam-powered golem robots are awesome, and none are more giant than mighty Khador; so they were the go-to choice for me as well. Rather than the Communist theme of Karchev and the other more modern Warcasters, I've gone for the mediaeval, romantic, and Dracula-inspired Vladimir Tzepesci.



These will probably be rebased on snow, and I'm adding a few red touches as shown:


I'm theming the army and paintscheme around the Black Dragon pikemen, so expect a more rugged and less high-tech army:

Lord Blood the Hungry
06-02-2014, 10:50
Bob hunk; the LED's add a great effect, and that is some seriously heavy armour! looking forward to seeing what they all look like when fully painted. would say I'm looking forward to facing them on the battlefield....but that looks like one tough nut to crack!

Apologist; Vald is really cool, missing off his insanely huge pauldrons was a good move, it means the model has less lames* :D
what I really like is how different your chosen style is from Bob Hunk's. you have to look very closely to see that they both use the same jacks. Karchev and his Man o' wars should play very differently to Vlad and the iron fangs.

*works on two levels

Lord Arcanist Ossyan gathers his Myrmidons


"Filthy, filthy witches, everywhere! I can taste the stench of their foul sorcery on the air, this cannot be tolerated! But never fear, I shall bend the laws of reality to my whim and destroy them with my mighty magic....." :wtf:

Lord Blood the Hungry
08-02-2014, 16:26
back to the trolls;

this is the official model for Borka Kegslayer assembled as intended


this is the artwork that appears next to his entry in the army book, on his cards and practically everywhere he is mentioned.


I felt that the official model was a bit flat and just lacks the ferocity that Borka is renowned for. he stands stationary issuing orders, when he is supposed to be a ferocious warrior shaman who leads his forces from the front in a drunken rage as he brawls with the enemy.
when I field him, I don't think he ever spends a turn standing still!
the model needed altering. I wanted the pose of the model to depict his most frequent battlefield actions. Most of the time he is racing towards the enemy, battering things senseless with "Trauma", quaffing ale or staggering round drunkenly. (jolly good fun to play)
as he drinks a lot of beer during games, I was quite tempted to have him mid quaff, but that didn't seem to do him justice.
Mid drunken stagger would make him too comical.
so, This is my conversion based on the artwork:


I used as much of the original model as possible, but it involved completely repositioning (and resculpting) the arms and legs to get the right movement in the model, then a rearranging of the kilt to get everything flowing in the right direction.

09-02-2014, 12:09
Looking forward to seeing more. The Borka conversion is great.

18-02-2014, 07:22
Drago, Berserker Warjack
In my opinion, no model better sums up the tagline 'Each and every warjack is a looming ironclad behemoth, a coal-fired engine of destruction' than Drago.




Finally finished him last night, along with lots of undercoating and basing for the rest of the army.
Vlad the Great Prince of Umbrey
'I'm on a horse'

WIP stuff

For the Motherland!

Bob Hunk
18-02-2014, 08:33
Drago, Berserker Warjack
In my opinion, no model better sums up the tagline 'Each and every warjack is a looming ironclad behemoth, a coal-fired engine of destruction' than Drago.

Nice! I agree with that assessment. :) I think your paint scheme really adds to the 'industrial' feel of the Khador Jacks. :cool:

18-02-2014, 11:41
Ta – I also finished this stabby Iron Fang Officer:

...and rebased the painted models:
I changed my mind once again on the amount of red on these models, so I've repainted the cowl over his head black; leaving only parts of the gauntlets red. The more I look at it, the more that Ice Axe needs repainting, too. :s

Lord Blood the Hungry
18-02-2014, 12:09
The dark menace you are getting into these models is brilliant.
drago looks really good, difficult to get black looking great but you've managed it on these.

very interested to see how you paint Vlad (and his horse).

Juggernaut: the vivid blue looks cold and gives a nice focal point, but how are you thinking of repainting the axe:
cold steel with frost forming on it?
glowing with a magical blue aura?
made of ice?
a different style of blue?
blue or green tinged steel?
something else?

18-02-2014, 12:45
Cheers – to be honest, still struggling a bit with the black, but starting to get a handle on the recipe at least.

With reference to Roach the Juggernaut, I think I'll repaint it almost white and try and give a crystal effect; as though it's literally magic-infused ice. If that fails, I'll probably paint it metal and then use an Asurmen blue wash, like I have on the Iron Fang Officer's scalemail. I quite like the cold effect that gives.

How are the Iosans coming along?

Lord Blood the Hungry
18-02-2014, 14:20
I've assembled the light 'jacks (though how they will fare when the heavies struggled to make a dent I don't know?)

and got the girls ready for painting


how cool are these two?

unsure about the cocked leg on Kaylessa, but the plastic starter box model is much nicer than the metal one


but I'm not sure if I need to do a conversion or not.
again, the art work is fantastic and the model doesn't match (but, to match the picture, it'd practically be a resculpt!)


Lord Blood the Hungry
18-02-2014, 14:21
double post, will edit later

19-02-2014, 07:36
Light 'jacks are looking spiffy. Which ones are they? I'm not very familiar with the angry elves of Immoren.
The difference in proportion between the metal and plastic infantry models is pretty striking. The pose is much better on the plastic, but I prefer the slight exaggeration on the features of the metal Kaelyssa – I think the stronger features would make it easier to get a good result on the face. Looking forward to seeing what you do with these :)

Here's my current Cygnar WIP, a (currently-unnamed) Journeyman Warcaster and her Warjack, Bullion.

A close-up of the face.

...and next to her big buddy.

Vlad (not on a horse)
Just a quick shot to show the new paint scheme on the base.

Lord Blood the Hungry
19-02-2014, 12:09
the journeyman warcaster looks very cool.
I can see you are enjoying painting the cygnar girls, especially the faces and crazy hair. there's a lot of work gone into both. ;)

the contrast between the tiny girl and her GIANT robot is quite striking. (Centurion? or is it a character of some kind?)

I like Vlad's hair. he's generally got a youthful jet black mane. but the silver hair and beard make him look wizened. more Theoden than Aragorn.

as to the retribution light myrmidons:
they are just the two from the starter set. I had to open the bag to retrieve Kaylessa, so I decided to assemble the rest of its contents (rather than risk losing bits)

Light 'jacks are looking spiffy. Which ones are they? I'm not very familiar with the angry elves of Immoren.

gryphon and a chimera, both quick little jacks, SPD 6 with movement enhancing abilities, but entirely geared up for melee.
(which is a bit of a joke in our meta-game. need 8's and 9's to scratch most heavy jacks!)

the pair are a straight swap for the phoenix (the big one with the sword), so it gives me options, once they are painted of course ;).

25-02-2014, 14:05
Centurion is just a standard heavy warjack. The new plastic model is a lot more dynamic than the old metal version.

Griffons tend to get used as jack marshalled jacks rather than run by the warcaster, though I saw a fair number being run in the Evyros list that was playing in the Smogcon Masters on Sunday that I helped run.

Lord Blood the Hungry
27-02-2014, 23:11
Centurion is just a standard heavy warjack. The new plastic model is a lot more dynamic than the old metal version.

was asking if it was a Centurion or a character jack, rather than asking what a centurion was. ;)

Griffons tend to get used as jack marshalled jacks rather than run by the warcaster, though I saw a fair number being run in the Evyros list that was playing in the Smogcon Masters on Sunday that I helped run.

but marshaling a jack generally means that it can't be allocated any focus. so can't use any abilities that require it to spend a focus point.
marshaling a myrmidon means it loses the ability to recharge its shield
surely the worst candidates for marshaling; the griffon and the manticore because they lose an additional ability?
unless I'm missing something?

28-02-2014, 08:34
Bullion, the big 'jack with the Journeyman, is a standard Centurion. A cool model :)


I think the idea behind marshalling the Griffon is that it's a cheap option to give to help a unit. Dawnguard Invictors benefit hugely, for example, as the Myrmidon provides a bonus to the associated unit through flank; while the Dawnguard Sentinel officer has a drive that makes it even faster than through focus.

Remember that Marshals do provide pseudo-focus; and this can't be removed by things like disruption. Marshalled 'jacks are thus more reliable, though they can't do really flashy stuff. Basically, you lose the ability to supercharge the Myrmidon, but get a nice reliable semi-independent group that can happily function on a different side of the battlefield to the Warcaster's battlegroup.

Also, while the Griffon loses a little combat ability when marshalled, it reduces the focus load on your Warcaster.

I haven't got a huge amount more painting done, though I have now got everything assembled, undercoated and begun. Most of the Khador have had some basecoats applied to areas, and a few have their faces completed. It's been quite fun jumping around and doing a few models at once.

I've also treated myself to Broga Hourigsen, a Mcvey Studios mini:
He'll form the basis of a Black Dragon-themed mini; either an Iron Fang Kovnik, or a counts-as Irusk (a new warcaster I'd quite like to try out).

Lord Blood the Hungry
28-02-2014, 11:22
that's a nice model. would make an excellent officer.

started painting up the Iosian girls for my retribution force.
here's my latest attempt at an angry elf with a mage hunter assassin


"I hate ******* wizards!" ;)


pleased with the anger in the face and the tattoo under the eye, cheers to Apologist for tips on skin techniques.
its all experimental ideas and techniques so feedback would be appreciated.

Bob Hunk
10-03-2014, 10:09
That's a lovely elf lady Lord Blood. :)


I assembled the Battle Mechanik Captain over the weekend (a kind gift from the PCRC). It's a great model but the arms are a git to glue! ;) Can't wait to paint it though. :)

Bob Hunk
13-03-2014, 13:42
The Mechanik Captain has some buddies now. :)


It was quite refreshing to 'assemble' some one-piece metal models that didn't require a lot of gluing, sculpting or conversion work (like so many other of my projects).

Right, enough pictures of unpainted models, it's time to get some colour on these guys. :cool:

13-03-2014, 18:53
All of these armies are looking great - well done everybody!

If I did Warmachine/Hordes (and seeing your fantastic armies here are prodding me to try it out), it'd have to be Trolls or Menoth...or Minions...or Cryx...or perhaps Khador...or maybe Legion...or... [darn, too many nice armies to choose from! :) ].

Lord Blood the Hungry
14-03-2014, 14:38
and here to persuade you, is another elf ;)

a second warcaster for my retribution force.
here is Kaelyssa


had an exciting first game with her.
very interesting, plays well. every situation she gets in reveals a new trick she can do.
looking forward to more games with her. she plays very differently to Ossyan.

14-03-2014, 17:00
Very nice work on Kaelyssa.

16-03-2014, 17:02
+1 to Keravin's sentiments...really cool Kaelyssa!
Very persuasive indeed, Lord Blood the Hungry.
Gonna go with Convergence of Cyriss (because Art Deco + robots = win)

Lord Blood the Hungry
20-03-2014, 12:21
and here is my attempt at Eiryss


27-03-2014, 10:14
Looking nice – the earthy colours look good and she looks determined.

For the Motherland!
My bits order from Privateer Press arrived, and inside were all manner of metal warjack bits. I find the plastic PP uses quite difficult to work with, and prefer the sharper detail you get from the metal. On the other hand, the plastic is much better for storage and play as it chips less and tends to support itself better.

I thought a nice midpoint would be to add metal heads to my Warjacks to give them a bit more personality and give the focal points more detail. Here's my Kodiak; which has a new head and some extra rows of spikes. I think it's a huge improvement, even with such minor changes. Much more enthused about painting him now :)


Kneel before god!
With my Khador force all but rounded out, I had been looking at what to get next. Now I'm a bit more familiar with the game, I wanted to try a faction with a bit more synergy. The PCRC very kindly bought me a pile of Protectorate goodies for my birthday. It was clearly destiny – or the will of Menoth! :D

As with my Khador 'jacks, I've made some minor conversions and added different metal heads:





30-09-2014, 22:23
Here's my take on a Legion of Everblight Archangel

http://i265.photobucket.com/albums/ii216/Lucifer216/photo9_zps2bc22303.jpg (http://s265.photobucket.com/user/Lucifer216/media/photo9_zps2bc22303.jpg.html)

Lord Blood the Hungry
17-03-2015, 15:40
Clashes in the Cold

deep in the frozen northern wastes, someone has been filling pits with gallons of hot blood


"halt your wicked ways and prepare to feel Nature's Wrath, Dragon worshipping filth!"


blood and magic coimbine and with an almighty Roar that echos through the forest, the monster emerges.


are the trolls too late?

Lord Blood the Hungry
17-03-2015, 16:08
Thagrosh the Messiah of Everblight (Lucifer216) vs Borka Kegslayer Shaman of the Kriels. (Lord Blood the Hungry)

game size 50pts

mission Killing field;
3 objectives along the middle of the board, at the end of each turn, after his first, a player scores 1 pt for each marker held.
win conditions: first to score 7 pts or slay the other warlock.


eThagrosh, Archangel, scythean, Raek, 3 shredders, 10 hex hunters, 2 shepherds, 2 forsaken

Borka +keggie, Earthborn, Mauler, Bouncer, 10 fennblades + officer & drummer, 5 champions + Skaldi, champion hero, 6 scouts.

Everblight deployed first.
Thagrosh and the archangel in the centre, raek, shepherd, both forsaken and shredders to his right. hex hunters, scythean and shepherd to his left.

Trolls deployed the champions and their hero to the left of the centre, with the fennblades next to them in the middle. Borka, the Bouncer and Mauler set up on the right of the fennbaldes and the earthborn and scouts used their advanced move (tier 2 bonus) to set up infront of borka.

both forces advance towards the centre.

Trollkin Scouts attempt to cut off the hex hunters to stop them claiming an objective...
but, fatally underestimated the speed and reach of the Scythean!


supported by larger slower beasts, the rabid shredders race forward and secure two objectives whilst the sneaky hex hunters take the third, 3 pts to everblight!


trollkin champions take exception to that and charge in, obliterating the shredder by the blood pits, whilst the champion hero cuts down the shepherd guiding the shredder. securing the objective and scoring a point back for the trolls.


two of the remaining scouts charge the hex hunters hoping to kick them off the objective whilst the third (enhanced by 'rage' and 'mosh pit') knocks the scythean to the ground.

the fennblades charge in and deal with the shredder in the centre scoring a second point back for the trolls.

the sound of giant wings heralds the arrival of the archangel, who crashes down amongst the fennblades and fells 6 of them with a single sweep of one enormous claw. two of the tough warriors survive the initial impact, but are swiftly devoured by the merciless monster.


Lord Blood the Hungry
17-03-2015, 16:24
screaming for vengeance the fennblades strike back at the gargantuan monster.


sensing the time is nigh, Borka calls for his battle brew and summons his power.
after popping his feat, casting moshpit and enraging the earthborn, he charges into the scythean and batters it to within an inch of its life with a flurry of savage blows.
the mauler smashes into the hex hunters along side the remaining scout.


his path cleared by one of the fennblades, the enraged dire troll charges Thagrosh.


despite transferring over 30pts of damage to the Archangel, thagrosh fails to stand up to the avalanche of earthshattering blows.


with the Everblight warlock defeated Victory goes to the Trolls!

18-03-2015, 17:17
Thanks for the battle report and for being such a great opponent, Lord Blood :)

I'm still trying to shake off my 40k conditioning, which causes havoc with my activations (I keep thinking I should resolve all the movement in one go etc). If it weren't for Lord Blood's sportsmanship, most of my beasts would have frenzied due to this kind of mistake on my first turn.

One of the mistakes I made here was overvaluing getting the first turn. If I'd elected to go second, I would have been able to position my forces to get some better match-ups (I should have faced the Scythean off against the Trollkin Champions for one thing. I also failed to understand how easy it is to remove a one point roadblock - partially as I was having fantasies about flying the Archangel over to Borka (who was relatively exposed at the point in the game).