View Full Version : Would this kit bash work?

05-02-2014, 17:41
The Necron Lords/Cryptek models aren't too bad, but when using a lot of them, I think they could look kind of bland being repeated so often. One idea I had, was to kit bash some different Necron models together to make them atleast have different poses.

For Crypteks, would a Warrior body, Deathmark Head, and Praetorian staff work?
For Lords would an Immortal Body/Head with options from Lychguard work?

I've never put together Praetorians or Lychguard so I am not sure how their kits would match up to Warriors and Immortals? Anyone else have any interesting conversion ideas for Necrons to make less static?

Phaeron Setek
05-02-2014, 19:06
Your idea for a Cryptek sounds solid. The heads are pretty much the same scale throughout the range. One thing to bear in mind is that the preatorian/guard models are slightly bigger than warriors, so the torsos/legs may be better suited for lord models.

Size-wise, I would say it goes Warriors -> Crypteks -> Immortals -> Lords -> Lychguard -> Praetorians (because of the jump pack).

But, in reality, so long as your opponent knows what it is on the table, you can go nuts with kit-bashing.

05-02-2014, 21:50
I use a lychguard box as the base for my crypteks. They have plenty of bits to glue around to make custom staves and such.