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08-02-2014, 11:53
I just need a few pointers on how put together a viable but still fluffy army, I have two paladin one BSB on pegs (not glued so can interchange with knights) 8 knights, 20 men at arms and 16 archers. I have roughly 60 to add to the army, I can get another battalion or three Peg knights and a knight unit or something else. So what do you guys think?

I heard that Peg knights get vanguard but I can't seem to find anything offical saying they do? Is there any tactics for Bretonnia you'd suggest?

08-02-2014, 13:41
Another Battalion is perfect for you.

A Prophetess (foot or mounted, both are useful, pick whichever floats your boat) is also a very good choice to add.

Peg Knights get Vanguard because they are Flying Cavalry. All flying Cavalry count as Fast Cavalry and all Fast Cavalry have Vanguard.

Characters on Pegasi CANNOT Vanguard, however. Nor can they join Peg units. Shame.

Tactics, yes...

If you buy another Battalion, you can run two nine-man Knight lances. I'd recomend both are KotR. One should be eight Knights and your general, one should be eight knights and your BSB.

40 Men at Arms plus a foot Damsel is a solid anvil. give the Damsel the Prayer Icon so the Men at Arms benefit from the Blessing. A foot Paladin with the Ruby Goblet is also a good addition. 40 Halberders with the Blessing and Ruby Goblet are a problem for almost anything in the game.

Everyone else will recommend Trebuchets, but I never use them and do okay. Besides which, word on the street is we'll get a new book by the end of the year and I'd bet the castle that Trebs will be nerfed. Don't spend 50 on two Finecast Trebs right now.

08-02-2014, 15:04
Okay so get another battalion, so i'll have 3 peg (1 Paladin 1 BSB) 16 knights, 32 Archers and 40 forty M@A, should I run 3 peg knights and put the Paladin and BSB in with the knights and if so same unit or the two separate units. One large block of M@A and two units of 16 Archers?

08-02-2014, 16:04
At least until you know what you're doing I'd keep your general and BSB on the ground.

That's hard for me to say since I run an RAF list with my general, BSB and Prophetess all mounted on Pegasi - but it's probably wise.

One squad of three Pegasus Knights is a great utility unit. It's one of the few war-machine hunters that can reliably take down a Dwarven artillery park (if there's space to land!). And with Skirmishing, T4, W2 and 3+/6++ they are surprisingly resistant to shooting.

By the same token, eight Knight of the Realm plus a character 9 is a solid lance.

One block of Men at Arms - with perhaps a Damsel and Paladin.

Three units of ten Bowmen. Remember - you're almost certainly going second anyway, so maximise the number of deployment drops you have.

Deploy your Pegasus Knights first. They have Fly and Vanguard, so they are the most resistant to a bad deployment.

Deploy your three units of Bowmen next. You don't care if they live or die. That means you've put down four units already and still have your important ones left. Meanwhile, your opponent might already have put down one or two of his real combat blocks, so you can out-deploy him with your combat blocks.

(And always, always deploy assuming you'll have second turn!)

08-02-2014, 16:48
Is there any recommandations on how to build the two paladins I already have? Virtues or equipment?

08-02-2014, 18:06
You can always claim one is a lord. I am quite fond of the heroic killing blow vow, magic weapon of taste ( I like the ASF sword) and I believe a dawnstone + something else to get to a rerollable 1+ save. And your bsb can get an enchanted shield ( since the book still disallows regular shieldsfor bsbs) and either the dawnstone or some helm from the Bret book that allows for refilling the armor save.

Think i got that backwards, lord has the helm, bsb has dawnstone

08-02-2014, 18:16
For your general:
Bretonnian Lord
Virtue of Heroism
Sword of Swift Slaying
Barded Warhorse

234 points nets you a rerollable 2+ save (2++ Vs Fire, 5++/6++ Blessing) 4 ASF (Rerolling to-hit at Init 6) attacks with Heroic Killing Blow. He's a rock-solid monster killer who, thanks to his rerollable 2+ is not afraid of massed infantry attacks either.

This kit also works great on a Pegasus (It's the kit I use for my flying general) but there are risks as well as rewards involved with mounting him on an expensive bullet-magnet.

For your BSB:
Biting Blade
Enchanted Shield
Barded Warhorse

104 points, cheap and effective. Has magical attacks for Ethereal-killing and a 1+ save. Feel free to add the Virtue of Duty, Dragon-Bane Gem or Luckstone to taste. I like to keep her cheap, though.

08-02-2014, 19:20
To start with I'm looking to run a medium sized 1,500 point army. So I'm looking to run two paladins in there at the moment

Paladin A
Paladin B
8 Knighs full command x 2 - 432 points
40 m@a full command - 227 points
16 peasent archer, Braziers, Villien, Muscian x2 - 210 points
3 Pegasus Knights - 165 points

Thats 1,034 point so I have 466 points left over for two paladins and maybe one unit?

08-02-2014, 19:46
Well, far be it from me to tell a man he's doing it wrong (I'm serious, play the army that you like, nott the one that wins the most games), but you could streamline what you've got in that list.

I really feel that command, even musicians, is a waste for bowmen, and I still feel that 3x10 is worlds better than 2x16.

As for characters, you need a BSB - no two ways about that, it's required by the Army Book.

After the BSB I'd recommend a Prophetess in the strongest possible terms. You can get away with not having a Fighty Lord, but trying to play without magic really is making things harder than they have to be.

Prophetesses have access to two of the greatest Lores in the Book and Beasts. Bretonnia is an army with strong armour/Wards, but otherwise lacking in all other stats. We really do need magic to even the field against other races.

I'd recommend:
Level 4
Dispel Scroll
Lore of Heavens

Just remember, in Bretonnia, blowing up an entire Lance of knights with your Prophetess is a rite of passage...

Oh, and not to toot my own horn, but over at the Round Table of Bretonnia, I wrote a tactica on the Lore of Heavens Prophtess which might be useful.


08-02-2014, 20:11
Would you run a level 4 in a 1,500 point game?

08-02-2014, 20:18
Would you run a level 4 in a 1,500 point game?

Personally, no, but I actually go Mage-less in 2000 point games too. But I find having smaller mages in your lances helps protect your knights with magic resistance+blessing. I'm going to join Mintys's horn tooting by linking my own Bretonnian thread too. I hope it helps *salute*


08-02-2014, 20:26
Maybe just a level 2 in that size.
But definitely a damsel.
In your list above I would make your A & B characters the two Minty said, then the (Level 2) Damsel with the remaining 128.
Even with no items on her, she is better than not having one..
But I'd put a cheap 25 point item on her too, takes you to 1502 if people don't mind, if not then I'd say a 20 point item instead, or drop a bowman or two - could get a couple of items then..

08-02-2014, 20:59
Would you run a level 4 in a 1,500 point game?

I would. And do.

As you can tell from the other replies, there's room for disagreement, but I find the human statline really needs a little help at this points level. A lot of other armies WON'T have a level 4 at this level and it's the extra magic which equalises the playing field.

08-02-2014, 21:06
Okay I have looked at the list again. I cannot take a Bretonnian army without a lord leading it just goes against the fluff.

Eight knight of the realm, full command x2 - 432
Six knights errant, full command, erranty banner - 152
Forty M@A, full command - 227
ten peasant archer x2 - 100
Three pegasus knights - 165

Bretonnian lord, sword of swift slaying, armour of agiluf, virtue of heroism, Barded warhore 221
Paladin, BSB, Enchanted shield, sword of might barded warhorse 104
Damsel, level 2 105

Total - 1503

at 2000 point I'd add 6 knights of the realm to each unit and nine to the knights errant to make three units of 15 to help break sted fast (Thanks lantern)

08-02-2014, 21:11
Looks good to me.

My definition of 'good' is 'fun to play with and against' and I'd enjoy using that army or fighting it, so I really can't fault it.

Welcome to Bretonnia! (And come see us at the Round Table! Link above.)

10-02-2014, 20:38
Adding the Errants is good, I don't use them myself but that's because I don't have them, they are really good.
Definitely head over to the round table. The best place for budding Bretonnian Lords.