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09-02-2014, 03:09
Bring out the wine and funky hats, it's time for a raiding party!

After playing 40k for so long, and loosing most interest in it for various reasons I've switched my focus towards fantasy.
Keep in mind that with fantasy I have practically no experience of the game - only a couple of matches using my mates borrowed armies. First of a game of Vampires versus Wood elves, with myself controlling the Vamps. It ended up with pretty much nothing that was paid for actually being dead due to my spam of the spells 'Make zombie unit' followed by 'make zombie unit really big'. Even though I did loose by about 300pts (in the 2k game) I did have fun, but it did confirm for me - I do not like slow forces.

The next game was a team battle with the forces as Khorne Warriors of Chaos and High Elves (a strange alliance that one) versus Wood Elves and Lizard-men.

In that second battle, I commanded the High Elves, and provided the ranged support to the hard hitting units of Warriors and Chariots, and I found that to be much more enjoyable than simply slogging up slow blocks on infantry. I would much rather be running circles around my opponents and peppering them, rather than being out outmaneuvered myself.

So with that end, and not wanting to grab an army that is a clone of the ones that my friends have, I've come across the Dark Elves.
I've always had a bit of a fond spot for them, mainly because back in the day I started out 40k with Dark Eldar.

Without further delay, bring out the raiders! No dark lances with these ones though.

Master. -------------------------------136
-Sword of Might.
-Enchanted shield.
-Cold One.
-Heavy armour.

Dark Riders.--------------------------100
-5 members. Shields. Crossbows.
Dark Riders.--------------------------100
-5 members. Shields. Crossbows.
Dark Riders.--------------------------100
-5 members. Shields. Crossbows.

Cold One Knights.--------------------165
-5 members.
-Standard bearer.
-Gleaming Pennant.

-5 members. Great weapons.
-5 members. Great weapons.
-5 members. Great weapons.

Doom-fire Warlocks.-----------------125
-5 members.

The background idea is simple. The Shades, being the sneaky little wanderers that they are were hired by the raid leader. A power hungry young noble if there was ever one. The Shades are to track down potential sources of slaves or opponents that promise great reward when defeated, be it by the objective that they guard or the reputation to be gained.

The raid itself is rather small, but mounted to allow it to quickly rush to where it needs to be once the Shades have found a target. As for the communication between the Shades and the Master, I was thinking maybe a small magical item that lets them talk over distances. (Magical cellphones do spring to mind, I'll need to come up with a better idea.)

As for the actual nitty gritty, it gives me a rather fast force with some small decent ranged ability. I do expect to always be rather outnumbered, so keeping my distance and picking off opportune charges will become the standard of play.

Thoughts and opinions? Any advice would be welcome, the armies that I face include, Empire, High Elves, Wood Elves, Warriors of Chaos, Lizardmen, Vampire Counts, a Dwarf player with a huge gun line and a guy with Ogres that comes in ever so rarely.

Thanks for reading.

24-02-2014, 12:23
I personally would leave the cold ones at home , and grab five more warlocks. Cold ones were great in the 7th but every time iv used them since they don't seem to do anywhere near enough( which is a shame because they are great looking models)
The warlocks however are amazing , have own battles pretty much by themselves ,my friends hate it every time I put them on the board.
Id also drop the shields on the dark riders . They won't be fast cav anymore if they have these . Hope that helps

25-02-2014, 05:55
you're wrong...the are still light cav, cause the steed got the light cav rule. but you're right about the cold one knights...i personally would take the noble on a steed (he's still light cav) skip the knights and take another noble on a dark peg with 1+ and the twillightcloak, he's just insane :)