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11-06-2006, 18:08
Elector Count - Laurels of Victory, Armour of Meteoric Iron, great weapon

Captain - Barded steed, shield, Sword of Power, full plate
wizard - lvl 2, Dispel Scroll
Wizard - lvl 2

8 Knights of the White Wolf - full command, inner circle
7 Knights of the Blazing Sun - full command, inner circle
19 Spearmen - full command, Griffon standard
19 Swordsmen - full command
8 Free companies - detachment

1 Cannon
1 Mortar
19 Greatswords - full command
8 Free Companies

1 Hellblaster Volley Gun

Dispel Dice : 4
Dispel Scrolls : 1
Power Dice : 6

ok, so I like to think it's a balanced army, bit of everything. any comments?

11-06-2006, 22:59
Not a bad list. Here's my comments.

1) The Laurels of Victory are just not worth the points when put on an Elector Count. Even with the GW, he's just not going to do that much damage. You would be better off protecting him with a Holy Relic and using the points for other things.

2) With 2 Level 2 Battle Wizards, you should seriously consider the Rod of Power. It can seriously increase either you power of dispel dice depending upon need and circumstances.

3) Your spearmen have the Griffin Standard, but no melee detachment. You should get one, maybe two, so that you have someone to flank your opponents (with supporting or counter-charges), and then run them down when they break from combat. Swordsmen would be best since they will live the longest and your aiming to win by CR.

4) No non-artillary shooting could be a problem.

11-06-2006, 23:06
My major issues are the lack of detachments for the spearmen and the fact that on the standard 6'x4' table, its a mother-humping pain in the butt to manuever properly with three infantry blocks with detachments.

11-06-2006, 23:59
I was doubtful about the laurels, so I'll probably dump them then, I figured I'd place the three blocks next to each other, allowing the spearmen to take centre, and using the griffon standard they shouldn't need the detachment, also makes up some space on the table for manouverability.

I would save 70 pts from the laurels... so perhaps I could just go for the Holy Relic and rod of power for one of the magesinstead.

It would be nice to have some handgunners but I couldn't really see where to squeeze the points from, the volleygun is there to protect a flank, the cannon to get rid of any chariots or large monsters coming my way. and the Mortar just for a little weakling smashing... to take down some numbers against me.

I could drop the inner circle upgrades from both knight units to get the detachment for the spearmen and change the griffon std I suppose, but that would badly weaken my knight units... at present they are std strength 4 and 5 with the cavalry hammer... so nice. and str 6 on the charge isnt to be sneezed at.