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14-02-2014, 10:59

Having flirted for years I am finally dipping my toe in the hh pool. I am steadily working through betrayal and think it's one of the best books gw or fw has put out in ages. I am looking at building a pre heresy world eaters force.

I want if possible to be able to use it in both systems. I therefore need a 40k codex and wonder what the communitys opinions are. My obvious choice was the chaos Dex. You get big squads /mark of khorne / khan and no astnkf. But with the release of the new marine IA then sicarans, contempors rappers, javelins etc are available to the blood angel codex aren't they? , which with a few fluffy selections perhaps seems a better fit?

Or I could just go imperial fists, which would be much simpler....

Cheers in advance

14-02-2014, 11:20
I would say chaos. You can get 20 man squads in the chaos dex, havocs with special weapons (not 10 tho) etc, it just depends on how you wanna run the legion list mainly, if you want terminator troops you'll have to go good guys in 40k, same with drop pod lists.
Basically choose your legions trait and then pick your 40k codex then.
Of course you could just use your legion list against your regular 40k opponents.

14-02-2014, 12:34
The other problem is that all the World Eaters in 40k are according to the background Berzerkers. I ignore that and use Realm of Chaos era World Eaters where they've retained the tactical nous to use heavy and special weapons so really you're stuck with the Chaos codex. The 30k lists are fairly adequate for 40k use if you've just appeared after 10 millennia lost in the warp which explains why you're blue and white.

14-02-2014, 14:56
Carcharadons, I suggest. From the unknown background these guys have I think there's even a chance they are a World Eaters successor, or what happened to any loyalist WEs. They seem to fit the profile of guys sent on an endless (redemptive? punitive?) crusade. They enjoy chopping people up. A friend plays them and we were talking about him getting a spartan, proudly displaying the Istvaan III legacy of glory!

If you play WEs in 30k chances are you'll have guys with bolt guns and extra ccws, which limits your choices. Blood angels can't do it. Space wolves, chaos and Carcharadons are really the options, and as you say there are solid reasons to use a SM book if you want to field stuff like Sicarans. Of course, if you're looking at loads of guys with jump packs then BA become a good option again.

Also, with the best will in the world khorne berzerkers from the CSM book are virtually unplayable. Go ahead if you want to use Kharn of course, but I just don't think you'd have a fun army to play.

14-02-2014, 15:10
Never thought of them like that before, carcharodons as world eater successor on a crusade, shrouded in mystery and distrusted by all imperials (desperate allies only). Their inherited rage only barely held in check until they smell blood then all bets are off. Their battlebarge that intervenes in badab is also described as incredibly ancient and blackened by fire. Yeah, go carcharodons :)

14-02-2014, 15:14
If i remember correctly they also slaughter the civilian population of the mantis warrior controlled worlds to bring them out of hiding. A tactic world eaters would have appreciated.

14-02-2014, 16:03
Carcharadons, I suggest. From the unknown background these guys have I think there's even a chance they are a World Eaters successor, or what happened to any loyalist WEs.
Good point. Tyberos and the Red Butchers aren't that far apart.

14-02-2014, 17:22
Where would I find cacaradon rules?

14-02-2014, 17:52
Forge World's website has a free PDF to download that has their Chapter Tactics, I think.

14-02-2014, 17:54
Download them from Forgeworld (http://www.forgeworld.co.uk/Downloads/Product/PDF/B/FWchaptertactics-v2.pdf)

14-02-2014, 18:26
Just had a look and yes carcharadons seem an excellent fit. Cheers

14-02-2014, 18:28
Not too hard to get them to cross over. It's the vehicles in Betrayal that make it awkward.

I've got a very infantry based army and it should work for quite a few codexes.