View Full Version : starter tournament 1K Lizardmen

The Elder
15-02-2014, 23:35
Hey guys, afteer a long absece i;m back into fantasy, ready to enter a 1k starter tournament, i thought about taking this list:

skink priest lvl2 beasts dispel scroll
skink priest lvl 2 heavens (for the first spell with the -1ld combined with lizzies causing panic with every hit

25 saurus warriors spears, full command
10 skink skirmishers javelins
10 skink skirmishers javelins

3 salamanders

i thought of maybe replacing the second skink priest with a scar-vet BSB with some (magic) gear and the sallies maybe with a stegadon (or EotG) as i have some points lying around I believe

Help would be greatly appreciated,


The Elder