View Full Version : What hypothethical combinations of models would be scary?

16-02-2014, 01:59
please tell me what hypothetical combinations of models would be scary
Because I want to make some scary looking models and use the "count as" rule to make it something that is nowhere near as effective
as it looks so I can actually use it in a game

For example I combined a chaos juggernaut with an ork meganob
It is a "centaur" conversion except the horse body is actually a juggernaut body
and the human torso is actually a meganob with lengthened terminator arms.

Now I don't think I will find many opponents that would let me have a meganobs that move like cavalry
So I will count the conversion as a chaos biker
My explanation is that Ahriman cast a spell on something that was faster than a bike to make it scarier than it looked.

Next thing I will try and combine going to try and combine bloodletter and genestealer parts
and if this works I will try and combing hive tyrant and blood thirster parts.

16-02-2014, 14:56
It would be even simpler explanation than a spell, and this amount of handwavium is available to everybody: it spent too much time in the Warp.