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17-02-2014, 19:44
A few things came up during my brother and I's game the other day. Ogres vs Skaven

1.Unit of 3x2 Mournefang Cavalry charged my unit ,once impact hits came up he stated that "All" Models not just the front row get their D3 impact hits so the guys in the second rank as well? I could not find it the rule book where it says or does not say that this is possible don't actually play much "Montrous Cavalry" until he bought some recently.

2. Supporting attacks from Mournefang Cavalry: do the supporting attacks (riders) so, 3 attacks each per guy attack (to a max of 3 attks) but what about his mounts? the Mournefang? do they also get their 3 attacks in addition to the riders from the back rank as well? or is it like "3 total attacks" between the 2 (rider/mount) can attack from second rank, like if one or the other had a higher strength to use like the mounts for example because it had more strength than the rider? to "choose" the 3 attacks total or do you get both, Rider/mount?

3..Stomp attacks made by a unit of Bulls 4x3 infantry does he get just the front row(ones that are in base contact) or all of the second row guys as well that would be like the "supporting attackers" in combat stomp attacks.

17-02-2014, 20:05
1. Impact hits require base contact to happen, this is in the Impact hit rules.
2. Only the riders, this is covered in the monstrous cavalry rules.
3. Stomp requires base contact, as per the stomp rules.

18-02-2014, 18:10
Thanks, for clearing this up. Will read all of those rulebook sections over.