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19-02-2014, 14:55

MKII thread on my Horus Heresy Era World Eaters and Sons of Horus, focussing on the battle of Istvaan V, the Massacre. Main idea behind the force is after Ferrus' death up to the escape of Corax, so reclamation and hunting, with few to no tanks.

Sons of Horus and World Eaters
Primarchs - Lord of War
Horus the Warmaster -
Angron the Conqueror -
************************************************** *****
Ezekyle Abaddon -
Maloghurst the Twisted -
Luc Sedirae(Centurion)-
Kharn the Bloody -
Kargos Bloodspitter (Primus Medicae, PW, mb, AA)-
Delvarus (legion champion, TA, VC, )-
Exodus (seconded) -
The Raven-
7 Justaerin Terminators -
2 Lightning Claws -
5 Chainfists -
4 combi bolters -
Multi Melta -

10 Reavers -
9 power weapons -
power fist -
Melta Bombs -
hand flamer -
2 plasma pistols -
Jump Packs -

5 Sons of Horus Terminators -
Plasma Blaster -

10 Rampager Marines -
9 Cadere Chain axe -
Power Weapon -
Plasma Pistol -

6 World Eaters Destroyers -
Melta Bombs -
Power Weapon -
3 Phosphex Bombs -
Missile Launcher -

7 World Eater Triarii Terminators -
7 Chain Halberds (Chain Fist)-
6 Combi Bolters (flamer) -
Heavy Flamer -
Grenade Harness -
5 World Eaters Red Butchers -
2 Chain fists -

Styvath the Berzerker , World Eaters Contemptor Dreadnought -
Chainfist -
Plasma Blaster -
Melta Gun -
Extra Armour -

Sons of Horus Contemptor Mortis Dreadnought -
Twin Kheres Pattern Assault Canons -
extra Armour -
Havoc Launcher -

Heres the planned army list, I don't play (for now) but I guess it would be an apoc type force, but still be able to pick and choose units for games.

I'll start off with some pics of my finished Angron, I say finished, but now that I see a fault here and there it's definitely time for a touch up.

Angron, Primarch of the World Eaters, the Red Angel, Lord of the Red Sands, the Undefeated


Little bit about:
decided to go for a very dark palette, his bronze armour verging on near dark browns in some areas, do want him to stand apart from the rest of the World Eaters. Also wanted to emphasise both his psychopathic killing rage as well as his title of the Red Angel, so some heavy areas of splattered blood, including over the right of his face, used a different red for his markings so they do not fuse, but this doesnt come up at all on the pics. Need to touch up the marines on the base, the shards of metal are done with some dark silver (forget the name) and coated with some rust powder from FW. will add some more silver though back in as it looks too orange for my liking.

19-02-2014, 15:04
Rampagers, decided to buy the bits all sepratley for these guys, it has turned out slightly more expensive, but I would end up simply wasting the heads and arms, as I don't like the weapons that orginally come with them, and the heads even less.

As for weapons I'll be using a mix and match but mostly chaos raptor chainswords as falax blades, just has that 40k gladiatorial look to me, especially with teh barbs and hooks to shred some armour.

The heads will come from the FW world eater set, with the bunny ears and spikes shaved off.


Seargent with power blade and plasma pistol

And my terminator character, made form abaddon and zhufor bits, decided to snap and fold the cape over, similar to the MK 4 centurion/prator model for that legionary look, think it works. Was originally going to use this guy to stand in as Secutor Seargent Zkorroth, but think he suits the description of Delvarus, Triarii Captain, and Champion of the Pits

Still need some gs on the arm goint and the cape.


To come...

-Kharn (can't wait to build him)

-More Rampager and Delvarus updates.

20-02-2014, 21:11
Looking totaly great!!! Can't wait too see more!!! (I'm a very big World eaters! Soo I'm going to noy ths head!!!)

20-02-2014, 21:26
The World Eaters are my legion, I shall follow this one closely. I to hate the heads from the Rampagers kit, there is no way they look like patched up skin

23-02-2014, 20:53
love the conversion of abaddon and zhufor! Looks great.

Your angron is a fantastic paint job!

23-02-2014, 23:26
@Asdrubael108, cheers mate, I'm big on the World Eaters too, think I was also pretty lucky that my favourite Primarch was the first to be released by FW.

@Brother Tearz, yeah the Rampager heads on the actual model, are well, just bad imo, but have seen them work in some conversions especially termies. Me on the other hand, I've been a bit more inspired by this image http://static3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20121011051161/warhammer40k/images/e/e7/WE_Pre-Heresy_Scheme.jpg . So I've decided a berzerker version of this by using FW khorne heads with the ears filed away. The bodies will then generously go into converting some feral world neophytes/recons.

@EscalationPainting, Thank Angron was very fun to paint, do have some areas I want to redo on him though. Zhufor was also a bit of on the whim conversion, as much as I like my World Eaters I do get distracted by some releases, Abaddon was one of those. So to narrow down my miniature budget and make sure I stay on track with my World Eaters, I've imposed a rule on myself, which is...any release I buy needs to be converted into something pre heresy world eater (Bar Horus when he is released). But this way I get some interesting miniatures, and make sure I have enough left in my funds for miniatures...though Typhus does look tempting :evilgrin:

28-02-2014, 09:35
These are looking very promising. These models lend themselves to really take your time painting them and making them look great!

04-04-2014, 20:29
Looking good, cant wait to see them painted up.

04-05-2014, 14:14
This looks great mate! Very inspriartional! ;)

21-06-2014, 15:02
Thanks guys.

Anyway long awaited update, completed my course so I now have some time available to push this project.

First off some changes. I've decided to make this a two legion project, Sons of Horus and World Eaters. Mainly because I like the idea of Angron and Horus fighting side by side. and also because (and as you will see) my conversions require aspects from both miniature types. Particularly by Justaerin, Triarii and Rampagers.

Anyway I'll start off with my latest addition, Abaddon, he was the my world Eaters techmarine, but once I bought Horus I couldn't resist changing this guy. Still have some work on teh right leg and chest, especially some more insignia. Also becuase Delvarus uses the Abaddon torso, and my Triarii will be base don justaerin torsos I will need to do something different for abaddon and the Justaerin (alll planned dout now). He also has Kharns base, while Kharn has his.

Ezekyle Abaddon.



21-06-2014, 15:08
And Rampagers, 3 still have the raptor Swords, the rest now have Reaver chain axes, no more chains too, at leats for now, though I highly doubt I will make/buy any more rampagers..


02-07-2014, 20:27
Small update, seem to have jinxed myself thinking I'd have more free time.

First Up, I've added the army list to the first post, not so much for gaming but to know what models will be equipped with.

Secondly MORE unpainted miniatures :p

Triarii, gave them the raptor chainblades to make chain spears/halberds, think it's more suiting than axes for a unit based on boarding actions in tight environments. This will be eventually be a unit of seven + delvarus all armed with combi flamers bar one heavy flamer, again flames seem fitting for boarding marines imo. Obviously using justaerin as a base and we shoulderpads, so my justaerin will be made similar to abaddon, using we torsos and tartaros legs, with the left over tartaros bodies being combined with space wolf legs to make a unit of Sons of Horus terminator veterans... slightly confusing... but it kind of works.


secondly my Catulan reavers, still need jump packs for these guys and not sure wether to bite the bullet and get heresy ones separately or look into other manufacturers. Gave these guys grey knight falchions, think it kind of gives it a 300 immortals look.


and lastly the Raven, neither Sons of Horus or World Eaters, and not truly Night Lords... I really liekd the backstroy to this character and thought it would be very suiting having him join the Sons of Horus and World Eaters in their hunt for Corax. I also had a Corvidae which got slightly messe dup with an old can of paint... teaches me for not trying the first spray on a sprue...but it's worke din my favour... kind of. Still need a his jump pack to be attached.

The Raven

Rusty Magos
03-07-2014, 07:30
Looking great so far! Can't wait to see them with some paint on them!

11-07-2014, 14:34
And small update on the Brothers, touched up Horus' face but still wip, though would still like just a bit more blue under the eyes, maybe even some purple. And brought some of angrons face back but very content with the "Christian Bale psycho" blood on face and quite like the faded blood effect tat blood for the blood god gives.


12-07-2014, 17:22
And the finished Primarchs (sorry for so many updates, won't be one for 2 months or so :p ) Also Black paper/background....what a difference.

The brothers.





Decided to give Angron a Glow too, first time I've tried this effect on miniatures. Also though not notable on the pics, gave the Primarchs a wash of cantor blue over their eyes, very subtle but gives it that Raiden/power eyes look. Also neat trick I've found, which needs toning down I think a bit though is applying small layers of blood for the blood god over FW rust power, really gives it an eroding metal look.

Still Standing
29-09-2014, 20:46
Great looking conversions. Lets see some more painting. :)