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19-02-2014, 15:34
Reasons behind my choices:

1. Double Level 2's to Dark with a Scroll is the same comp hit as a single Level 3 to Dark without a scroll, given Hekarti's Blessing I will be casting at +3 and will be guaranteed double Doombolts.

2. 1 up rerollable BSB on foot(LOL High Elves) is a great setup. Potion of Strength to me is a better choice then Sword of Might as S7 for one turn helps more then S5 forever imo.

3. 5 units of 12 Witch Elves will deal a great amount of damage and provide the army with many drops. Yes, I am aware of the potential frenzy issues, but its worth it for me. Against hordes(although there wont be as many in a Swedish Comp environment) they can be deployed 12 wide for 37 attacks at I6.

4. 1 unit of Dark Riders and 1 unit of Harpies is simply less of a comp hit then 2 units of Dark Riders. This allowed me to fit in the SoD and still round up to a 16.

5. 21 Executioners: I wanted a large as possible combat block without taking too much of a comp hit.

6. 7 Bolt Throwers: I am really surprised that I can get 7 with this comp score. Scourgerunners are just a tax and get a really good comp score for what they do.

Please let me know how this list can be improved without taking the comp score lower. I have no prior experience playing Swedish Comp tournies, all mine have been no comp. Cheers.


Sorceress - Level 2, Dark Magic, General (-8)

Sorceress - Level 2, Dark Magic, Dispel Scroll (-15)

Master BSB - Heavy Armour, SDC, Enchanted Shield, Dawnstone, Potion of Strength (-15)


12 Witch Elves - Full Command, Banner of Eternal Flame (-6)

12 Witch Elves - Full Command (-6)

12 Witch Elves - Full Command (-6)

12 Witch Elves - Standard, Musician (-6)

12 Witch Elves - Standard, Musician (-6)

5 Dark Riders, Shield (-4)


5 Harpies (-3)

21 Executioners - Full Command, Standard of Discipline (-23)

Scourgerunner Chariot (-3)

Scourgerunner Chariot (-3)

Scourgerunner Chariot (-3)

Bolt Thrower (-7)

Bolt Thrower (-9)

Bolt Thrower (-9)

Bolt Thrower (-10)

2400 - 15.8