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20-02-2014, 08:35
Is there any current way to field an Emperor's Children Warband, with Noise Terminators and Bikers?

20-02-2014, 08:48
Sadly, current Chaos Marines codex do not allow you to field Noise Terminators or Bikers. You CAN get Slaneesh marked Termi\Bikes, but they will just be regular Termi\bikes with the Mark bonus.

EDIT: 30k has a noise marine variant in the form of Legion Kakophoni.

20-02-2014, 14:13
You can always go the "counts as" route with weapons, they use the same mechanics; for example the blastmaster is really just a super flamer etc. But I don't remember EC fluff having a heavy reliance on either Termies or Bikes so you'd probably be just fine with them marked up or simply not included in your warband. But you can always find the bits to convert the termies to Phoenix Guard, helms and shoulder pads at least. They would probably come sweet as hell, some World Eaters helms hanging off them, or Iron Hands, pretty sweet indeed.

20-02-2014, 16:02
Hi Axeman,

I play an EC waband, so here's how I did it.

Of course you'll need a Chaos Lord with Mark of Slaanesh. I use mine as a Terminator with Burning Brand. That can easily be moddeled as a Doomsiren (-1S, Torrent)
If you then fill the Troop choices with Noise Marines, you'll have a very EC theme already. For Elite you can use Lightning Claw terminators with mark and VotLW and if you have the points an icon of Excess. For Fast Attack the old Raptors. They already have big speakers on their shoulders.
In the Heavy slot I use a unit of Havocs with Missile launchers. I call them Heavy Noise Marines with Feedback cannons. I use the old metal Sonic Blaster models for them.

Then add a couple of vehicles (hint: the Heldrake already has access to a torrent flamer, just give it a nice name, like Doppler Cannon).
Forgewold still sells the old EC dreadnougt. Just proxy the weapons as something else, like sugested above.

If you feel you need a close combat element: I've had some succes with a CC orientated Noise squad with 2Doomsirens (champ + Lucius), but I'm going to try and ally in some Daemonettes for that. (all sonic weapons ignore cover, so you can still shoot through them)

Just my 0,02 cents.
Cheers, Lanesend

21-02-2014, 06:02
Yes... while it's unfortunate that units other than straightup NM have no access to sonic weapons, the unit that DOES have them is really good, and can reliably pull off both long range and assault dedicated units.

Sure, fearless terminators would be nice, but terminators all over are having a harder time with a preponderance of low AP weaponry.

The fact of some units not 'having' sonic weaponry as options does not necessarily mean that you can't model them as such, nor that they won't be perfectly viable in a NM list. For instance, noise marine Oblits modeled as two dudes operating weird 'instruments' on larger bases would be a great opportunity to add further variety.

I actually think it's a good thing that sonic weapons as such are not ubiquitous to any entry that takes the MoS. Marked Slaanesh units with the Icon are already quite good in assault... having pretty much everyone in the army also have access to fearless and ignores cover, low AP blasts/templates seems like a dangerous route in terms of balance.

In sum, you can't really go wrong with a large number of Noise Marines in various builds as the shooting/tactical core of the force, and then support them with the odd heavier unit like Oblits, Daemon Engines, and whatever you want assault-wise.


The Good Doctor.