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20-02-2014, 17:09
Quick question.
In their army book, Bretonnian knights all have a maximum unit size (usually 12 or 15), yet in the BRB GW has pictures of lances with 20+ knights in them.
I've also seen army lists on Warseer featuring 18-knight lances.


20-02-2014, 17:28
Huh, so they do. Never noticed that before.
Looks like someone screwed up somewhere; I don't see an errata for the unit sizes in the latest Brettonian rules update… maybe people think it's covered by that "unit strength" amendment? Which is wrong, but there you go….

20-02-2014, 17:45
Nothing changed to the max size of 15.
if you place a lord, hero and a lady in there, they are at 18.

But don't go by the GW pictures. A lot of times its just to show off.